Number 76

A short update about my new hair cut that i did last sunday at Number 76.
This saloon was quite famous recently since alot fashion blogger went there for a haircut and
there was a lot good reviews too.
So i decide to go for a haircut and ya i a one week appointment in advance leh...
So overall the outcome was not bad ler..
My hair cut was done by Yoshi-san, the Director of Number 76 Mid Valley branch.
I also thought of going back for their hair treatment..and not forget..Yoshi-san very handsome leh. HAHAHAHAHAHAH  >__<

So here's some photo of me.

A Before haircut :

Still long and can be curl one leh -__- but look like grass lah..

After cut :

Yay or Nay ?
My hair feel so light right now~~
Love my OOTD that day but my mum complain my pants too short at the back.
HAHAHA >_< paiseh lah

Oh and i have one nice song to share to all of you :)

Goodnight ~

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