Recent or not

Hey girls and boys,
i'm officially graduate from my college life. Welcome to the cruel world they say.
No bother,i just need my rest and my sleeps and it's totally a holiday time for me now.
Miss me not? This post surely not about food.
I'm fat now, my face so round, i could not take a nicer picture of myself recently
Sorry i rarely smile recently DD: and,
I'm too lazy to go for a jog, because i'm really tired.
I slept like almost 4-5hours per day just to finish my portfolio.
But it's all done now ! Thanks God :)
Nowadays, i look like a walking zombie with my terrible panda eyes.
So how's life recently was er..good? Or i feel lonely :(
But good thing,
i'll be celebrating christmas away from Malaysia !!
Happy to be away at last, to be true,
i never went overseas before.
Great i'm 20years old soon.
Now gonna enjoy my days and try to blog more.
Soon will have more food post..hope my readers love it :)
And do you all want a giveaway post? I would like to do it.
Leave me a comment if you want !
Your comment means a lot to me :)
Oh here some picture that i didn't blog previously.

Me and BFF Weng Sze at Klcc Isetan to attend Foruchizu booth
few weeks ago.. Haven got the chance to bought any clothes yet but soon will be.
HAHAHAH but me need more money.
I used up all my coffin money for printing -__-
*touch wood*

The Takeshita street ! LOL

Till then, i'm gonna have bbq party tonight with my college mates,
weeeeeeee~ Fat ? Nevermind. Happy first.
Happy holidays till then ~
Tata ♥ ♥

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