Recovered from pox pox

Hehhhlou ! 
I'm back ~ My blog haven dead yet,
so please don't forget to read my blogpost all the time. yay ~
Oh and thanks for concern i am now 99.9% recovered !
Except for those scars or mayb u can call as those spots are changing skins and
ya still there around my body /__\
Why my chickenpox come so late ah? I also don't know.
Still rmbr i got an injection by secondary school that time and
i still rmbr there are students who are scare of those needles that gonna poke into their skin,
so some hide away and some run away and some people cry like shits.
Oh well,guess i'm blessed cuz my pox didn't come out alot but final in the way and
i hate one of my bitchy lecturer, ask me stop manythings when i almost done that assignment.
So so mean until she ask me this : YOU SURE YOU GOT CHICKEN POX AH?
Bitch you gonna know, you scare me spread virus to my classmate and also u this old hag so u ask me
not to come and not to come and not to come to college for so many weeks and
now i come back u ask me this stupid question.


You see , i'm so emotional until i have to use all this 9gag thing.
Thanks Derpina you're beautiful :p

So then i had all this long long post i never did and i don't really know which
to start... ahhhhhhhh some post before my chicken pox will do right? Muahahahhaha.

1. Out from House Prison

Here is the part i'm so happy like a little pup when i was officially get
out from my House prison. Oh ya u noe i gt chickenpox so i cannot go
out and spread virus to anyone except to my three brothers which they didn't get affected
after everyday of me saying *Touch Me* , let's have chickenpox together.
I'm EVIL . hahahhahaha.
So it's been a week plus i'm stuck at home, all i face was just my mum ,dad, brothers, and le bf.
My bff went to visit me last week and they were laughing bout my ugly face. = =
Okay so here's the happy part,
Le BF brings me out for a dinner last week, and also we actually wanted to go for 
a haircut at Number 76 but they were fully booked , so we went straight for a
dinner at Alexis @ TheGardens which was TRULY SUCKS.jpeg.
if you ever wanted to know,this was my 89.9% recovered look.
Didn't edit my face -__-lll Photo by my toy camera effect.

Le BF have no face picture because he say his hair not looking good wor.

Me makings call for an appointment at Number 76.
Oh and i had a new haircut already ~
Will blog about it on the next post.
I guess you will know how do i look like if you got follow my Instagram la ~ Amber_TSL

Le bf @ Alexis Burger

Le me @ I don't remember the name TEEHEE!

2. Shorty Sis wedding dinner 

This a part of the post before my chicken pox disease one.
A friend of mine nickname was Short but he was taller than me. lololol.
Not much to say, just a bunch of selca pictures of me and yeah another post happening
on last November.. Arghh so sorry so many late post.
His sister had a Hello Kitty wedding theme, so cute rite?
Everyone receive a Hello Kitty biscuit with pretty pink icing on it,
I got mine but i gave to my bff because i dislike Hello Kitty.. hahaha yes i'm serious i dislike one.
So that's why no picture of that thingy..hahaha.

Then a selca pic of me, i really miss my blue lens, it got dry up by itself
or stupid me didn't close tight the lens cover so...haih.. next.
A picture of me and my good friend Wenyi <33

Then an *Ang moh wannabe* selca picture.
Please tell me i look like ang moh or mix ~~ I will be very very very happy one !!

3. The trip to Malacca

An old post also,just a short trip to Malacca with le bf and it's all food post.

Hahahaha i'm not gonna edit cuz i'm so tired already lahh~~

Durian cendol @ Jonker Street

Yummy Fried ginger and garlic squid @ Jonker Street

Fried small soft shell crab @ Jonker Street
I admit eating this was weird but very tasty leh !!

Fried Oyster egg !! @ Jonker Street
My all time fave one XDD but this was a bit oily.

Fried Loh bak gou @ Jonker Street 

Went to Nadeje on the another day is a must,
Mine was the Choco banana mild crepe ~
It was superb tasty !!!!!! *now i feel so hungry*

Tiramisu mild crepe @ le bf one

That's all. I wish i can be this hardworking on my next post.
I wonder if you all really ask why my blog fulls with food,
and now its explain i'm really a fat girl now.
So bye now, gotta eat my dinner..gastric pain edi.

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