Resolution 2013

Hey people,
it's a brand new year.
It's still the first week of the year, so i guess i'm not too 
late to start digging back my previous resolution 2012
and decide on this year one.
I really gt so lazy to blog and i hope i gain my readers or else,
*tak ada semangat untuk bloh arghhh* ~
But anyway,
there's a Holiday post coming soon,so let's continue.
Btw if you wanted to see my last year resolution post,
it's at here ---> Resolution 2012
Everyone know Michelle Phan right?
Today morning i watched a video that she posted.

This time is not a make up tutorial instead it was smtg that was
really really inspired me in my life from today onwards. Haha.
Wonder what's that? See the video.
Guess what,everyone always make a list of not logic or hard to
get list (not saying my list was good lah ).. Thus, she makes me
understand one thing is that is a brand new year, a new beginning to
make a good start and also to be A Better Person.
Ah-ha inspiring leh? ~

So err here's a list for my 2013 Resloution

1. Found a job i love and inspire me to work till i die lah har.. *touch wood*
This is important because it's hard to find a stable job that makes you
learn a lot new thing.

2. Earn more save more spend less.
I need to start saving so i can pay all my PTPTN loan -__- pfff

3. Be more courteous and kind. I wish i won't be saying bad things on others.

4. Have a get-a-way trip ! Last year at last my passport had a *chop* !
I mean at last i had a trip away from Malaysia which was always my dreams.
This year i want to make it to Taiwan or Hong Kong or maybe Thailand !
So must save more money loh !

5. Buy a new camera, i wanted to own a semi-pro camera before my travels.
Samsung NX1000 !!!

Any Samsung sponsorship ahh?

I promise i can blog a nice review of this product  >__<

*finger cross*

6. Have my make up improved, ah-ha more korean-ish la my fave.
Hopefully will look much better than past.

7. Make my mum and dad happy. I wish i can cheer them up in
different time and place as i hardly can communicate with them or 
i dun reli noe how to say. I wish them health and always happy.

For now i guess i have only 7 list in my mind to make it true.
Weeeeee ~~ Let's work hard and have great that this year <33

P/s: i wanted to change my blog link again T__T i dunlike amberthatgirl this name,

leave me suggestion what name should i put?

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