Shor-to update!

A short update again on my blog in case people already started
to get bored of my blog. I had been busy cleaning up my house on 
my previous week. You know chinese new year mah, it's like a yearly
routine to clean up the house and paint the house.
Alas, my room is perfectly clean now, changed my bed position as i always 
been having night mare and it was pretty scary -__-lll
Didn't get to take picture of my room yet, too shy to show to public lol.
Anyway, since i am so so free now,
here's a lil update on what happening last week, a very random one.

1. Went to Fahrenheit 88 to acc babe Shin Yee to take a 
Japanese exam to decide which classes she should start taking.
While Ian was there giving her some tips..macam yes lah.

Make me want to start taking korean classes..
But money leh? -__- ME-NEED-MORE-MONEY to stay alive.lol.

2. Went to 1U and acc Mr.K for his cny shopping.
We shop from 1pm till 10pm. Isn't that crazy?!!
My leg did swell a lil -__-
Oh new food i encounter. lol sound like i attack it.

It's Waffles World !!
Not to say i am a dessert lover cuz i don't really crave for sweet food
all the time but i will never say no to an Ice Cream Waffles !!!
It was dayummmmmmmmmm!!

Caramel ba-na-na waffles with vanilla ice cream !! _____

I duno y my face look so round that day. Probably must be nt enuff sleep.
Ignore my dull face w/o make up -___-lll

The clam chowder wasn't a good stuff.
I dun reli like it -___-
Thus , here it goes my short update. Tata _____

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