S'pore trip Day 1 , and 2 !!

 Blogging in the middle of the night again -__-
So now only i started to blog about my Singapore Trip which was already
a last year story.. *phail blogger* T__T
Went there for a christmas holiday and visit my aunt who was working there and also living at there..hehe
So,I'm such a lazy bump to update this until i get complain from my best friend for such shorts update.
Now i'm going to blog about it. I hope it won't be boring cuz it's my very first travel post !!

So here's Day 1..

On the way to Sg with bus..it was a drowsy ride.
Le brother..

Le lovely mum..

Le place with a stupid graphic tv for me to watch movies.
Day one was pretty exhausted because the ride was long and all the traffic jam make me headache
and waiting the time to reach toilet i really almost pee out.. -__- but i did not pee out la of cuz!!
After xxxx hours we arrived Singapore at night time.
It was so peaceful there.

Ferris Wheel ahh ! Tell you what, i like sitting on a Ferries Wheel..it makes me feel so relax
and it's pretty breezy to be up there having a great sight. So why the MALAYSIA ONE NOT WORKING EDI GEH !!!! GOSH.. and i dint get to sit on the one at Singapore..too expensive ah :((

My comfy shoe ~
Okay the moon still look the same as Malaysia moon.lol. Just that i duno why i feel so near to the
moon that night..maybe...i use to live up there..lol

First meal at S'pore was my supper edi by that time.
My aunt fave food *yu tao loh* which means ehh Fish head steamboat that sort of food.
That's how my Day 1 ends,cuz pretty tired when we arrive plus it's already at night..lalalala.

Here's Day 2
ahhh i know you all will just scroll scroll scroll all the photo and see only one -__-
Maybe i should type less..
We went to Bugis whole day that day XDD

Candid shot with my bro and gt one aunty photobomb us -___-

Free tissue that people giveaway, i only see at tvb drama HongKong ppl always get free stuff when they
walk around, But Malaysia i only receive pad giveaway before..lol

Went to the famous temple around there for a pray ^___^

Went to another shopping mall next which was i forgot the name edi :p

My ootd that day...my bestfren say i wear boxer walk around x.x Anyway that was a short pants
not boxer ah dai louuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

I found myself frozen infront of this shop for few minutes,
went in, look around like crazy, didn't get to bought any of my Rilakkuma because
it's too expensive and my mum drag me away.. T^T sobbs

Next guess what meal i had ?
I find out that S'pore got MOS burger i'm so happy loh! 
I saw post from other blogger that this burger are so so so tasty but Malaysia dun have.
So now i get to try it. It was so nice !! Now i wish i could eat MOS burger again T___T

Their fillet fish burger is a boom !!!!!!!!! Crazily delicious !!


My shopping haul was : Tony Moly compact powder which cost me Rm60 + for this cute little kitty thing..
and a very vintage watch i bought which cost me only only 5 SGD..


Pheww ...what a long post, please praise me for blogging this such long post..hehe
By night time, we went to Chinatown for dinner.

Went to Clarke Quay after that..
I'm in love with that place ( deduct the sea water lah..very dirty )
Imma love the scene at there by night time..so romantic and feel very calm to be there.

Some braid looking hairstyle is a tourist must-do-hair ! lol !

The end of my Day 2 post !!
Can't believe i used one hour plus to finish this. So dun complain i dint update my blog liao !
Bwahahahhahaa ! Okay i'm so tired now..
S'pore trip post to be continue ahh..Goodnight..hehe ~

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