Tokyo Don @ Pavilion Tokyo Street

Here here ! Another food porn post today ! 
Last week went to have dinner with Mr K and here's
the restaurant we had been  ~
Tokyo Don is the one we choose to go in cuz its seems
like they had good reviews that i search online plus
lot's of people was dining at there that day. Even lot's of *ang moh* choose
to dine there too. At first i thought it was a simple Japanese food
cuz their choices really less and some food even not available edi loh..

But............yes i say but ........

I'm in love with the restaurant edi loh !!!
Mr K ordered this Wakyu Beef Don for me,
he say i gonna love it cuz i love eat beef o__o hehe
No regrets,it taste like heaven !!! lolololol!
I'm in love with Wakyu beef don,
if you haven try this before i highly recommend GO TRY AHHHHHHH ~ ~ o___o

This set is enough to fill ur tummy up !! The miso soup was another boommmm !
Damm tasty leh ~ ~ ~

Teapots of hot ocha ( Green Tea).
What's convenient is that you don't have to keep asking the waiter
to add tea for you while you have the whole tea pot by your side
which is also Free-Flow.

His Salmon + Wakyu beef teriyaki don.
This guy love salmon too much.
( Posting his picture on Instagram.lol. )

Side dishes ( My fave chuka lidako )
This whole dinner makes me so happy, i wonder why,
it might could be the Wakyu beef. hehehehe.

I know it's funny i post this, cuz i rarely finish Japanese food one,
it's a miracle i finish this ! XD

End with my beer beer.

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