WeLoveAsia @ Music festival

Hi here i am blogging last week partay ~~
Feel so hard to type with keyboard..using my bro computer to update my blog now..
RAWWRRR >___< everyword i type have to recheck and delete and type @_@

Back to the party part ,
if you don't know what fest is this, here the info that i had blog it
last week and also i did giveaway tickets too !! ^^
Read it back on here : http://notarealcookie.blogspot.com/2013/01/ticket-give-away.html

Anyway as i say i only go on Sunday.
Went there with my BFF and also Mr K.

Make of the day ♥.♥ Red lips from peripera ..Will do review soon ~ ~
Oh in case if you don't know..
Erm i will not change my blog name again for now..Well now it's call as notarealcookie.blogspot.com
Okay gua? XDD why not a real cookie? Cuz i'm a human mah..duhhhh -__-
Please bookmark this new name yea ~~

Okay back to the post..
Got pictures to post. Don't wanna write so much crap here~
It was raining when we arrive there..so grey..

Picture with the rain coat x.x

Bff shin yee and Ian ♥.♥ 

Mr K act blur -__-

 Partay only starts by 8pm..Lot's of selca picture here.

Some pictures stole from Weloveasia fb page

Jaochim garraud is a boom !! I love that song he remix *you blocked me on Facebook and you're
gonna die* ! LOLOLOL

Redfoo come out after that ~
The wiggle wiggle part he did really ... ok see it by ur own on their fb page..haha

Steve aoki turbulence is my fave !!

It was a blast. I had fun that night hehe.
Thanks to pretty Irene for the ticket sponsors. Mad love and mad happy.
It's a great fun to start the year !!
Haha end my post with my ootd look. Belly was hided.

p/s : Here the song , love me if you think this song is great :DD

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