Huat ah !!! ♥.♥

Some random blog post that i'm going to update again.. 
Nothing special to update since i haven have my own laptop yet :((
Going to show you what i did few days ago..went to genting to had dinner with relatives.
Went to the Emperial Room. ( the restaurant name )
I duno what they call it in english , 盆菜 in chinese they call it *pun choi* (cantonese),
I duno i type correctly or not, cuz i only know the choi (vegie) word is correct :pp
So what's so special about it is that some chinese ppl had it by cny period as a symbol
of what i duno... *fail blogger* ..Poon Choi (pronounced: pun4 coi3), also known as pun choi or Big Bowl Feast, is a traditional type of dish originating from Hong Kong village Cantonese cuisine. It may also be found in different parts of Hong Kong. It is served in wooden,porcelain or metal basins i only know its a good thing.. it use to be a kind of food 
poor people put all the food they had and cook together in a pot so everyone can enjoy
it together..sounds like potluck ? I wonder why now all the chinese food so expensive one :(

it's my first time tasting 盆菜, er comment was... i feel tastless :X

Double chopsticks. First tine use two chopstick. 
FYI , if u duno la, just like me, the red one is the male chopstick HAHAHA 
for you to pick the food. Then the black one is female is for you to eat with ur food la ~
So many dine rules, i really a someone that don't know much about dining behaviour :D

Picture's at the Hotel.

My bro with a macam yes pose.

This few days trying hard to look like a Korean loh..
It's hard to use eyeliner. I'm sucks at it.

With the end of my cny clothe haul..
This year quite pink >__< i feels like ah gua lah..
idk why i dislike pink..but bought it T____T

Anyway sign off now..stupid brother want to use computer.
Happy chinese new year my readers !!  .

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