Hi there,
i didn't get to update my blog recently again ah~~  OㅈO
CNY is almost over,
this year cny was pretty bored..it use to be very merrier and merrier.
I wonder how's the cny after ten years? Silent like nobody cares? Hopefully no la >_<
This previous cny day, i dint get to sleep nicely because my aunt Tsih Tzu (dog)..
Damm noisy one..bark non stop !!! Arghhhhhhh really beh tahan but also tahan edi..lol

Ah back to my Valentine post la,
since this year cny is so near to Valentine again..
we manage to celebrate together..and he make me cry in the car !! T^T
First person make me happy until i cried out !! =__=

Mr K *nei hou yeh* !!

He surprise me with Intax mini 8's ! The one i always want ! 
tell me why you can rmbr anything that i love one? 
Thank you ahhh my 24Hour Good Boyfriend !! __

Plus Rilakkuma iphone plug >_<
He wrap so much newspaper , so at the end when i touch my yellow 8's 
it become so dirty T______________T

But still, i'm very happy.. (still smiling while blogging this..lol)
Now i'm actually abit lazy to talk about the place we go,
not to say it's boring is just that erm...so lazy to transfer picture >_<
We went to Levain Bolangerie Patisserie, which was also 
another surprise cuz i never been to there ahh ~ 
So very happy and kinda love the place..Hope to go there again to blog about it.

Next, we went for a coffee session at Espressamente Illy. I'm not a coffee lover
but went there cuz the boyfie love drinking coffee.. I only drink carrot juice at there hehe.

So concentrate posting pic on insta o__o

Then ,movie afterwards ( I love HK 2013 )
The movie not bad ah...then we went for dinner at The Hill.
Now i realise all the food picture is at him there...ahhh..i will update
about the food picture again~~ (updated)

Realize one of it was fail taken by the waiter at there T____T
Then i also receive a spa voucher treatment gave away by The hill restaurant.

Last but not least my ootd of the day :

Top | White Peplum top from Singapore
Bottom | Purple Basic Cotton Jeggings from 6thsense.com.my
Shoes | Jelly Bunny
Bag | Flea Market

Please don't say i look fat in this outfit !! I'm trying to cut down on
my weight edi ~ ~ TㅈT

The Hill restaurant info is as below :

23, Lorong Dungun, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur,
Damansara Heights, 50490.
Mon.-Sun. 17:00-02:00


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