Nails Inspiration

Hey ladies, 
i suddenly had this urge to blog this Nails Inspiration which i wanted to share to all of you which i feel it was pretty amazing and yet i don't know any of you had saw this before or not but here i am
sharing about this awesome nails inspiration which can be done by your own too !!

 Comme Des Garcons inspired nails !

2. The Bow nails ♥ 

3. The Gingham / Plaid nails ! 

4. DIY Nails Sticker 

5. Cheeeeeetah nails !

6.  Splatter manicure

7. Chevron Tape Manicure
      ( reminds me of Wonder Woman idk why )

8. Piano Blood mani ?
    ( I don't see any tutorial on hw to create this but lately bloody type of mani is the trend now ! )

9. Tie-Dyed nails
    ( I think i'm gonna try do this one hehe )

10. Mix & Match

11. Studs and Velvet nails ! ( Super love this one ! ) ♥ 

12. Black on Black ♥ 

#All the picture's doesnt belong to me.

Anyway hope you all love this ♥ ♥ 


Blessful ♥

Dear readers,
i got something to tell you all...

*ba dumm ba dumm*

I will make a video of an ads soon,
which mean you can see the real me at last!!
LOL i don't know are you all excited? But i'm really excited !!
Can't wait to do it soon.
Feel so blessful to get selected to do a short video ads ~
So please stay tuned while i will keep my blog updated !



Marchiiiiiieeee 05/2013

Sorry for not updating my blog,
i had been start working recently, yes my very first job after graduate,
of cuz not to mention those previous part time job's.

Anyway i will try to update my blog as soon as possible
as i'm really tired and when i get off from work, i straight went home eat dinner,
bath and then sleep. I rarely had fun or what TGIF anymore..
Gosh just the starting of the second weeks already so emo hahah!
If you wonder what i'm working now, i'm currently working as a Web Designer.
Yaaaaaayyy~ Plus i'm having my graduation ceremony by April and it sounds like.. Finally huh?

Nothing much..Just my wallet gone broke soon, will waste alot money paying on those 
rents suits and stuff. Only once in ur life huh? Iwaslike FINE.
Oh and if you ever have something you wanted to get design like, flyers, namecard,
of stuff like advertising ..you might interested to email me at : Kutzuki553@gmail.com
Service of design will charge depends of what you want to get design.lol.

Before i end this post,
here's some small updates from last month,
pictures will be the updates.lol.
Plus my Hyuna inspired eye make ! <33
Leave me a comment if you love it ~ I really appreciate that !!

New hair band from Ellui which was also a twins bought with my BFF Rex <333
Follow me on my Instagram if you want to see my newest updates :

Name : Cookietsl

Plus dress that i'm still selling
 (Korean inspired skater dress now RM24 per piece)
Left Purple and Pink ~ Contact me now if you want !!

Plus my new shopping haul..
Haven did review yet as i had say it thousand times..
Will blog when i'm free again.
Off to sleep now ~ Goodnight!


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