Nails Inspiration

Hey ladies, 
i suddenly had this urge to blog this Nails Inspiration which i wanted to share to all of you which i feel it was pretty amazing and yet i don't know any of you had saw this before or not but here i am
sharing about this awesome nails inspiration which can be done by your own too !!

 Comme Des Garcons inspired nails !

2. The Bow nails ♥ 

3. The Gingham / Plaid nails ! 

4. DIY Nails Sticker 

5. Cheeeeeetah nails !

6.  Splatter manicure

7. Chevron Tape Manicure
      ( reminds me of Wonder Woman idk why )

8. Piano Blood mani ?
    ( I don't see any tutorial on hw to create this but lately bloody type of mani is the trend now ! )

9. Tie-Dyed nails
    ( I think i'm gonna try do this one hehe )

10. Mix & Match

11. Studs and Velvet nails ! ( Super love this one ! ) ♥ 

12. Black on Black ♥ 

#All the picture's doesnt belong to me.

Anyway hope you all love this ♥ ♥ 

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