Tiffany blue addict

I recently found my current addiction which was Tiffany blue color.
I find out this color was surprisingly calm and elegant at the same time !
I did some color research when i was google around the other day.
I can really sure i'm a pastel blue lover. Pink wasn't my fave color but when 
blush pink and pastel blue are together they create this kind of chemistry that drive me crazy!


Clive 5th Anniversary @ Luna Bar KL

   So here's the update. I was here at Luna Bar to attend Clive magazine 5th 
   anniversary at Luna Bar. Was there with people and Bella's from 
   Peoplegraphy. It's great to have meet the others pretty Bella.
   Best part i get to know this girl Karyn. How should i describe?
   Hm..she is just so interesting and she got that special attitude that i have
   knew from any girls i know. 
   Okay i know i sound like a bit lesbian now, but nvm here's this photo about the event.

    Meet new friends like Joe and Elaine, Eling and Yeeling the three best friend. Cute names right?
    They sound all alike. Sweet. Plus thanks for the invites by Preston and being a good driver.
    It's great to chill out once in a while plus i'm happy to get to see a nearer sides of KL Tower.
    Beautiful thursday night, lovely street lights and vodka for the night.

    Self-love picture and bye.


April Updates!

Hi there, today gonna blog some of my simple April updates,
seems like i'm only hardworking to blog during weekend lorh.
While i just recently realise my blog now it's already 5 years old now!
I had started to blog since 2009 and wah-la years had passed ~ Happy happy ~
Oh anyway i bet my readers know,
i had dye a new hair color yesterday if you had been following me
on my IG profile ! Had a new hair cut but
not really having a nice picture to show it yet....But.... yes but still
here's some updates.

View my hair Before
(looks like untrim grass at the sideways)
Picture during my graduation days 

After hair cut and dye :

Spot the different? Mehhhhh~~~
I don't know what the color name is, 
it supposed to be green and blonde, who knews the stylist make it
more natural for me =_=
Okay maybe natural is good while my long bangs had become my side fringe again.

While thx my bff Rex for this happy saturday, being together for a hair makeover is fun.
If you could see, the blue highlight is fake !! lol. I got it from her as a fake hair highlight.
Currently my hair was pretty spoil, gonna op for a hair treatment soon.
I need sponsors ! Gahhhhh~~

While some of my April updates :

Sorry it's really a random one, so graduation picture will be up soon.
Till then , annyeong ~

Instagram : Cookietsl


I'm Graduated !

I'm graduate at last ! More pictures coming ! Stay tuned :)
I'm so happy and super duper tired today.


Girls Date

Updating my yesterday date with my bff @ Weng Sze
I wasn't being so cheerful and sunshine lately, i wonder why.
But still, it was a nice day yesterday.
Loving our new retro shades from @ Ellui F88
which was incredibly cool and yea tons of selca of the day.

I know i been looking pretty chubby lately,
that's why im into yoga class lately, and gym and exercise and diets.
I want to go back to my 2011 sharp faces.

Anyway, ytdy i was abit back to 80's style, just basic one piece shirts from
uniqlo , ombre shorts and my new oxford shoes which i was abit regret buying
as it was abit large and lucky me my shoes dint fall out like
how cinderealla did when she was walking down from the stairs and the shoes fall out.lol.

Been getting ourself a free popcorn as we walk by, don't recall what event was about.
Then been pampering ourself a good dinner treat at Ben's Pavilion.

So Cabonara for her and Fisherman Catch for me,
as i always had eat the same food when i'm at Ben's , i decided to pic smtg diff
and i really love the tatar sauce, it's been a good day to spend with bff as
it makes my days happier , be gone unhappiness in my mind.
I will be more cheerful to show to those that thinks i'm weak and easy to be pulled down.

I'll show you the best part of me.


Grafa Cafe

Hey there, i decided to blog at last as i feel guilty for neglecting my blog again :(
Been busy and lazy at the same time so that's the reason for less blogging,
i had been updating randomly on my Instagram profile recently so yeah
you may search my name : Cookietsl

Oh back to the topic,
today wanted to blog bout the cafe i recently been to which is Grafa Cafe.
It's an unique places which Grafa offers fixing gears for bicycle lovers,
a design studio and also a restaurant ! How cool was that ?
Another place for me to chill with my best bud Adly, and a new friend i 
just met which his name was Jung ( korean name wannabe ) Haha.
Anyway, no picture of them cuz some pic inside my dslr, i'm too lazy to transfer em'.
Sorryyyyy guys D:

Wanted to share this nice place to my readers here,
the place was simple yet pretty nice, 
good place to chill wit friends or dinner with family,
the food price was pretty reasonable too ~

They serve various type of food which was pretty good,
cuz you can have lot's of choice,
while my fave part was their food name,
I love how creative they name their food such as the
one i had that day which was "Boyfriend steak sandwich".
The description was so yummy lol ! 
Best best part !!!  
They serve a BIG portion of food !
If you are a hungry monster this is the place for u !! HAHA !

*sry for the bad pictures quality in below*

They had both indoor and outdoor spaces, plus free wifi for
internet freaks like me, check in here and there while posting pic on IG again.lol.

Toilet mirror also cannot let go ( Chinese people will understand what i mean lol )

Okay till then, here's end my updates again.
Here's the information about Grafa.
Hope you all like what i share again today.

Opening hours
Monday - Sunday 
12.00 - 1.00

No 55 / SS 15 4B Subang Jaya,
47600 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.


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