April Updates!

Hi there, today gonna blog some of my simple April updates,
seems like i'm only hardworking to blog during weekend lorh.
While i just recently realise my blog now it's already 5 years old now!
I had started to blog since 2009 and wah-la years had passed ~ Happy happy ~
Oh anyway i bet my readers know,
i had dye a new hair color yesterday if you had been following me
on my IG profile ! Had a new hair cut but
not really having a nice picture to show it yet....But.... yes but still
here's some updates.

View my hair Before
(looks like untrim grass at the sideways)
Picture during my graduation days 

After hair cut and dye :

Spot the different? Mehhhhh~~~
I don't know what the color name is, 
it supposed to be green and blonde, who knews the stylist make it
more natural for me =_=
Okay maybe natural is good while my long bangs had become my side fringe again.

While thx my bff Rex for this happy saturday, being together for a hair makeover is fun.
If you could see, the blue highlight is fake !! lol. I got it from her as a fake hair highlight.
Currently my hair was pretty spoil, gonna op for a hair treatment soon.
I need sponsors ! Gahhhhh~~

While some of my April updates :

Sorry it's really a random one, so graduation picture will be up soon.
Till then , annyeong ~

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