Clive 5th Anniversary @ Luna Bar KL

   So here's the update. I was here at Luna Bar to attend Clive magazine 5th 
   anniversary at Luna Bar. Was there with people and Bella's from 
   Peoplegraphy. It's great to have meet the others pretty Bella.
   Best part i get to know this girl Karyn. How should i describe?
   Hm..she is just so interesting and she got that special attitude that i have
   knew from any girls i know. 
   Okay i know i sound like a bit lesbian now, but nvm here's this photo about the event.

    Meet new friends like Joe and Elaine, Eling and Yeeling the three best friend. Cute names right?
    They sound all alike. Sweet. Plus thanks for the invites by Preston and being a good driver.
    It's great to chill out once in a while plus i'm happy to get to see a nearer sides of KL Tower.
    Beautiful thursday night, lovely street lights and vodka for the night.

    Self-love picture and bye.

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