Girls Date

Updating my yesterday date with my bff @ Weng Sze
I wasn't being so cheerful and sunshine lately, i wonder why.
But still, it was a nice day yesterday.
Loving our new retro shades from @ Ellui F88
which was incredibly cool and yea tons of selca of the day.

I know i been looking pretty chubby lately,
that's why im into yoga class lately, and gym and exercise and diets.
I want to go back to my 2011 sharp faces.

Anyway, ytdy i was abit back to 80's style, just basic one piece shirts from
uniqlo , ombre shorts and my new oxford shoes which i was abit regret buying
as it was abit large and lucky me my shoes dint fall out like
how cinderealla did when she was walking down from the stairs and the shoes fall out.lol.

Been getting ourself a free popcorn as we walk by, don't recall what event was about.
Then been pampering ourself a good dinner treat at Ben's Pavilion.

So Cabonara for her and Fisherman Catch for me,
as i always had eat the same food when i'm at Ben's , i decided to pic smtg diff
and i really love the tatar sauce, it's been a good day to spend with bff as
it makes my days happier , be gone unhappiness in my mind.
I will be more cheerful to show to those that thinks i'm weak and easy to be pulled down.

I'll show you the best part of me.


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