Grafa Cafe

Hey there, i decided to blog at last as i feel guilty for neglecting my blog again :(
Been busy and lazy at the same time so that's the reason for less blogging,
i had been updating randomly on my Instagram profile recently so yeah
you may search my name : Cookietsl

Oh back to the topic,
today wanted to blog bout the cafe i recently been to which is Grafa Cafe.
It's an unique places which Grafa offers fixing gears for bicycle lovers,
a design studio and also a restaurant ! How cool was that ?
Another place for me to chill with my best bud Adly, and a new friend i 
just met which his name was Jung ( korean name wannabe ) Haha.
Anyway, no picture of them cuz some pic inside my dslr, i'm too lazy to transfer em'.
Sorryyyyy guys D:

Wanted to share this nice place to my readers here,
the place was simple yet pretty nice, 
good place to chill wit friends or dinner with family,
the food price was pretty reasonable too ~

They serve various type of food which was pretty good,
cuz you can have lot's of choice,
while my fave part was their food name,
I love how creative they name their food such as the
one i had that day which was "Boyfriend steak sandwich".
The description was so yummy lol ! 
Best best part !!!  
They serve a BIG portion of food !
If you are a hungry monster this is the place for u !! HAHA !

*sry for the bad pictures quality in below*

They had both indoor and outdoor spaces, plus free wifi for
internet freaks like me, check in here and there while posting pic on IG again.lol.

Toilet mirror also cannot let go ( Chinese people will understand what i mean lol )

Okay till then, here's end my updates again.
Here's the information about Grafa.
Hope you all like what i share again today.

Opening hours
Monday - Sunday 
12.00 - 1.00

No 55 / SS 15 4B Subang Jaya,
47600 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.


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