These few days, i had started to feel less capable to make decision.
I'm weak and i need a guardian to stay by my side so i can lean on to.
I'm not that kind of person that i want to count on anyone for 
a decision or change. Maybe at least a bit of suggestion is what i need.

I seek for a quiet and peaceful days ahead.
I don't really know what i want to blog more..
I guess i need a break or a getaway.

To the people that comes and go just to hurt me,
i hope you never come back.. Don't spoil my life and talk sh*ts.
I may not be one tough cookie, but i can handle you.


Zouk night with @ QiaoXuan

Oh well i decided to postponed my IBE haul on next post,
just a short update,
meeting a new friend of mine, we had know each other on the internet for more
than half years already i think? We both live far away from each other and
yesterday get to meet her ~ She's here to KL for few days and yet we end up spending yesterday 
night at Zouk. Blame us the active youth, party all night dancing and sweating.
Okay let's the picture show u all. HEHE.

My new favourite dress is a boom <33 Felt so girlish in one night.
Gotta catch up again with my babe,
will update again.


The Palazzo @ Open Rice Makan Venture

Finally i had time to blog a little of my food diary lol. I need some time to settle down the photo
and edit to make it looks better.
Well then, i had been going to this amazing restaurant organize by Open Rice company few weeks ago.
It's an amazing restaurant that feature such amazing food and good environment which i wanted
to mention was The Palazzo. It's around cheras near Leisure Mall that area.
It's a great time that day spending with new friends, they were also 
food reviewer a.k.a Open Rice member.
It's my first time joining food tasting event and also feel super blessed as my tummy was
super bloated as i feel like i'm so lucky to had dine such great food.
Okay let's get into the food.

That day menu was,

Pumpkin soup,
It doesn't taste creamy as you think, i don't know how to say,
it's makes from natural ingredient and yeah they say were lucky to test this new dish that they haven put 
out on their menu yet. No MSG is used. Yummy !!

Spanish Tapas.
rare and delicious salchichon iberico bellota topped with tomato salsa.
Every bite is a new taste bud experience.

Pate & Crackers
taste of soft chicken and goose liver served with melba toast.
Spread it on with spoonful of pate. 

Smoked Salmon Salad
Fresh salmon salad is served! Did i mention about their salad dressings? It's amazingly addictive.
Couldn't resist to eat more!

The English Roasted Pork
It may seems like the chinese *siu yuk* , but trust me, the skin was so crunchy when it comes into
your mouth. I need it now. *hungry again*
Nicely roasted, smells great, rollling around in my tummy.lol.

Pasta Cabonara
my fave was the bacon, nicely cooked and not too creamy.
Please ignore my happy kid face. Was too overjoyed.

Pomodoro Seafood Pasta
Full with different types of seafood. If you're a seafood lover, this is your choice.
It comes with variety of mussels, prawn and clams !!

Food still goes on,
with Minty and a Little Lamb.
This one really tickle my taste buds, everything was just perfect.
Love the mint sauce as well.

I Love Ribs
Another tasty food, brilliant idea that they prepare us somne gloves to put on so
we won't be making such mess on the table and dirty our hands.
The ribs had this amazing bbq sauce that makes the entire taste goes well.

Ocean Mackerel
I'm not a big fan of fish, but i like the crispy skin of the mackerel make me had the
urge of wanting more. The mackerel was served pretty fresh.

Signature Pork Chop
It was pretty much okay,
wasn't really have much bite on this, cuz i was really really full by that time.

Last but not least, picture with the happy people and the environment of the restaurant.

Wen Li


More about :

The Palazzo

30 Jalan Manis 1, Taman Segar Cheras, 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

03-9134 2783

That's all for today !
Leave me a comment if you like my food review post TQ :)


Casio TR150 n ZR1000 ( Currently had stopped selling )

Hey dearies, 
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Malaysia for Malaysian

Today i would like to use this few minutes to write a short post about my country Malaysia today.
As everyone know it's the Election day for us yesterday, and yet we saw everything.
Results delayed, unfair election, fighting, chaos, racist, cheats, and many more.
To be true, we Malaysians should have been leaving united to each other insist of scolding and hating and back stabbing each other.

People would just simply comments asking chinese to go back China, Indian back India.
But in this problem, how sure you really can stay strong without us this races.
We aint here to live to fight or forcing people to eat pork or hating nasi lemak anyway.

Me, myself,
Do have my own of my malay best friend and indian best friend.
Is that a problem to you to see us in united and this making you freaking jealous
just because u only live and hating in your own races so it means you 
can scold others to leave this country and live this all by your own?
I don't understand why some people have this kind or reckon minded thinking?
What's wrong having different races in a same country?
We enjoys different kind of food, culture, music, language, and might even lovers from different races? Who says just because malay can't touch dogs so they don't love them?
There is still bunch of them have that kind of love that animals should be treat equal and get loved same by others. It just an animal, plus i don't understand why the goverment couldn't treat dogs and cats as equal as they are? Dogs need licence to stay at this country, to them stray dogs are meant to be killed and dirty, ugly and unpure! How about the cats? Not to mean i don't like cats,
just because they are tiny, so the whole Malaysia can have stray cats increasing and they can run free but not dogs? How about rats? Did you care about the cleanliness about our country?
You have time to demolish the pity animals but not rats? Did you care if someday what if our country is affected by disease? NO ? FINE.

Back to the topic by itself,
the government itself had already conquer the whole country for mostly 50years and soon,
yup it's a good thing but how about us the citizens? We have no right to choose ,
and even if we try to be independent, the government turn us down!
But why? What did we do wrong? Why is it so hard to develop the love for the country when
all we had is the minister giving hatred towards the chinese and the other races?
We don't live as second or third or any other classes ! We live equally all together
and this is what we meant to be!! 
To be honest, it's true basically some chinese really hates the malay,
so does some malay hate their same races of some malays too.
I had learn and heard all this kind of sources from around me while growing up 
from days to days. But yet sometimes my parents say they regret sending me to study
under SK school (which means school that teaching national malay language and not include chinese ). 

That's what you might ask, they say chinese could have know their own language well and
also discipline, but i don't blame them. Insist of that, i wanted to thank them,
if wasn't for them i couln't have survive in this country. Why? Because it's malaysia,
if you weren't know your own national language, that's will be very hard as people will laugh on you, 
u might even know what people are talking about when they scold on you.
I enjoy growing up as a youngster living harmony between other races of my friend.
One of my malay friend use to told me these, "Oh u study malay school ke? Patutlah dapat bergaul. Biasanya, budak cina yg belajar kat sjk x akan bergaul dgn kita". 
(It means you study SK school? That is why you're so easy to hang out with, 
cuz normally chinese ppl study from SJKC wont really hang out with us).

For me i think this is the problem of racist, and also depends of what kind of friend you are choosing.
To me, you can say i am friendly and i do choose friend, of course for good causes.
I remember my dad use to bring me to visit some of his malay best friends house,
all i remember was the aunty was all so nice and kind, i always looking forwards to visit them, why? In my memories, they always are in pleased attitude and very welcoming guest to come, they were all so kind and generous and not to say, they are very polite !! I enjoys the scent of a cup of "Teh Tarik"
and a plate of  "Nasi Lemak" all the time. I mean why not? Some malays enjoy chinese food to right? So does Indian food !            

So why can't the leader see, as you can have part of it living harmony togethers,
why can't you improve all this and insist of breaking torn all of this and making it more terrible?  
From what had happened after yesterday, yes our country had been laughed as Banglasia,
but seriously, we can't really but the blame on them, they are getting use as cheap labors
at our country and should have understand they are not welly educated since young, they would't know what is correct and what is wrong, Think of their sides, they got no money to live on, not like us, at least we can speak in our national language welly, can find work that is enough for our living but for they ? They are just following directions of what to do as they have money given.
You understand me? Is that they should not get treat like they did wrong, it has to be blame on the culprit who had plan all these behinds. As the election now had already over.
Although myself could not accept the fact, but still we hope and pray our country will get better.
We all have to stay strong together, not like others that are racist or only know fighting to solve the problem. I'm tired of seeing my country getting poorer from day by day. These people that only enjoys seeing people in proverty only they will feel glad and happy.

I only hope and bless that we will all be united together.

From a Malaysian that love Malaysia,
I am Tong Sim Lu.    

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