The Palazzo @ Open Rice Makan Venture

Finally i had time to blog a little of my food diary lol. I need some time to settle down the photo
and edit to make it looks better.
Well then, i had been going to this amazing restaurant organize by Open Rice company few weeks ago.
It's an amazing restaurant that feature such amazing food and good environment which i wanted
to mention was The Palazzo. It's around cheras near Leisure Mall that area.
It's a great time that day spending with new friends, they were also 
food reviewer a.k.a Open Rice member.
It's my first time joining food tasting event and also feel super blessed as my tummy was
super bloated as i feel like i'm so lucky to had dine such great food.
Okay let's get into the food.

That day menu was,

Pumpkin soup,
It doesn't taste creamy as you think, i don't know how to say,
it's makes from natural ingredient and yeah they say were lucky to test this new dish that they haven put 
out on their menu yet. No MSG is used. Yummy !!

Spanish Tapas.
rare and delicious salchichon iberico bellota topped with tomato salsa.
Every bite is a new taste bud experience.

Pate & Crackers
taste of soft chicken and goose liver served with melba toast.
Spread it on with spoonful of pate. 

Smoked Salmon Salad
Fresh salmon salad is served! Did i mention about their salad dressings? It's amazingly addictive.
Couldn't resist to eat more!

The English Roasted Pork
It may seems like the chinese *siu yuk* , but trust me, the skin was so crunchy when it comes into
your mouth. I need it now. *hungry again*
Nicely roasted, smells great, rollling around in my tummy.lol.

Pasta Cabonara
my fave was the bacon, nicely cooked and not too creamy.
Please ignore my happy kid face. Was too overjoyed.

Pomodoro Seafood Pasta
Full with different types of seafood. If you're a seafood lover, this is your choice.
It comes with variety of mussels, prawn and clams !!

Food still goes on,
with Minty and a Little Lamb.
This one really tickle my taste buds, everything was just perfect.
Love the mint sauce as well.

I Love Ribs
Another tasty food, brilliant idea that they prepare us somne gloves to put on so
we won't be making such mess on the table and dirty our hands.
The ribs had this amazing bbq sauce that makes the entire taste goes well.

Ocean Mackerel
I'm not a big fan of fish, but i like the crispy skin of the mackerel make me had the
urge of wanting more. The mackerel was served pretty fresh.

Signature Pork Chop
It was pretty much okay,
wasn't really have much bite on this, cuz i was really really full by that time.

Last but not least, picture with the happy people and the environment of the restaurant.

Wen Li


More about :

The Palazzo

30 Jalan Manis 1, Taman Segar Cheras, 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

03-9134 2783

That's all for today !
Leave me a comment if you like my food review post TQ :)

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  1. Just wanted to inform you about a restaurant The Palazzo 24/12/2014 for Christmas dinner, did make a reservation, take note but still fail to do it. Me and my friends order 2 Christmas Turkey and 2 Minty & a Little Lamb, however, 2 turkey and 1 lamb came. So, I am waiting for mine and when my Minty & a Little Lamb came, it was super salty, not only that, all the food is cold. You are charging price of a gold and serving customers rubbish. I went and inform one of the staff, the staff just keep ask me to wait, when I am seeking for other option, he just walk off. My friend help me voice out and they gave us non sense excuses. End up we pay the bill but they do not accept credit card payment, so my friend went and withdraw money while me and others are waiting at the cashier counter. Then, the staff ask the cashier "did he pay the bill?", when I heard this, i turn around and asked, "Are you guys afraid we won't pay the bill?", then the cashier just reply "He is just curious". After that, we paid and leave the place


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