Supper sweetener

Dating my two bff last sunday, Weng Sze and Adly.
Went for a little short gathering supper and had this 
late night supper sweeterner from Hui Lau Shan.
It's opened quite long time edi at Leisure Mall @ Cheras and
guess what i saw -____- Bear Paw pao is open edi !!!
I stop my stupid urge to buy as i'm trying to slim down,
and if i'm gonna eat another Bear Paw pao i'm so gonna dieeee of fat.

But still, my supper is a fat one.

Le bff @ Weng Sze and oops no picture for Adly *he become so chubby edi* XDDDD

Mango Icy Combo for me

Mango Icy Coconut Noodle
for her lolll... extreme fat.

Seems like i forgot to take Adly food cuz his dessert came last muahahaha.
i try my best to cut down on carbs and getting on dozen of sits-up everyday.
I see no different !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhhh i hate myself for being so plumm -__-

Just now i had did an aerobic dance exercise, thanks to le bff weng introduce one.lol.
I don't know how to slim down in one week,
i had an audition in this coming sunday..

which i am not confidence in it.
I had been rejected twice already i guess.
I just don't know how to act like a pro infront of everyone.

Gahhhh 3-minute speech? It will takes my life -__-
I use to be a prefect during my primary school.
Remember they have to *baca ikrar* (read speech) ?

I did it once so confidence and before i finish i had forget everything..


Beh tahan edi -_____-
Give me some time..i really not that kind of girl that can smile confidently..
Plus i'm thinking to blog smtg else lately, ideas maybe?

I scare my reader get bored of my food post. Will u get bored?
Let me know by leaving some comments down there on this post.

Thanks and i will pretty much appreciate ! <33
Oh and it's super hazy everywhere now. Do take care and wear a mask leh !!
This what i saw on my facebook on how to choose your mask correctly.

picture credits from this sg blogger.

I guess i need a *Lagi Better* mask by now... zzz
Drink more water everyone !!



Hokkaido Ramen Santouka @ Tokyo Street Pavilion

YAY for food post again ?
Blogging in the middle of the night as i felt guilty 
for seeing others ppl keep update their blog and i'm not.

Anyway !!! Here's another Japanese food post ~
A very simple one la. Don't blame me for bad photos.
So here's my very simple lunch time with my beb Karyn !
She so kind purposely come KL find me for lunch during
weekdays as i gt work and we rarely can meet as we live
far away from each other thus we only connect each other thru Wechat.

Then why out of topic edi, so...
we decided or i should say i let her decide the choices.
We went to Pavilion Tokyo street and stop at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka.

She told me she had this Cold ramen that makes her addicted
which make her want to come back for it.
So... we both ordered the same ramen name as...

Toroniku Hiyashi Chuka ... lol

I also shock ! XD So conclusion la,
Japanese advertisement don't cheat one. So don't play play ah XDDDD

Seriously, it was my first time eat Cold Ramen,
i hate tasted cold soba twice, and im not really fond of it.
But this was different, Karyn was right .. now i'm craving back for it !!!

Okay here's my small comments,

- the pork was pretty nice and in big slices
- portions look small but when i eat it, i almost couldn't finish it

oh not to forget you have to mix the ramen with this i duno is it call as *mayonese thingy*
and then mix well with it, will taste better. If not, ur ramen salty like the sea water.

Serious one.jpeg.

- the ramen was pretty salty -__- *repeated lol*
- the eggs was gooodddddddddd !!

Okay not much to say, except they very kiam siap with the green tea.
Cannot refill one -___- first time eat at Japanese restaurant can't refill green tea.
Fine, i'm okay with my sky juice.

Details :

Lot 6.24.03 Level 6 Pavilion KL,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Food is Non - Halal

Till then, goodnight time to sleep x_x

p/s: yes and if u had realise ... I had change my header edi ~~ Yay ok bye.


Fly away

By seeing how time flies,
i'm getting excited towards the days that are coming.
I always hate July. If you wonder why,
it's really stupid.. because i use to get ditch on
every July of the year... or should i say it was just dumb 
things that i believe that bad karma always come every JULY
and i-dont-know-why i'm such a freak of it.
Another reason is that i'm always an emo shit at this month,
probably my ex birthday fall at this month and then i had lousy
break up fall by this month, like seriously straight for 3years already.

But thanks bullshit,

Yes i'm flying away from this continuously bad ass karma
this year !!!! Yes and i'm still waiting.
Praying hard everything will goes well
and so gonna enjoy this travel trip with my new friends.
It's cool to have feel like a grown up and travel
without family hahaha. wth.
Can't wait till the day arrive,
i had started to feel excited like since 2months ago..
okay and one more month to go..

Kayyy enuff with my crap,
will come up with a new post soon.
Yes it will be a food one hahaha !
Tata ~


Blossom Deli Cafe @ SS2

Been off sometime to pay for a visit at Blossom deli cafe.
A sweet pay off for coming here.
Please say you love this lovely picture, it's all took by us
and of cuz the decoration credits to me so does the design~
lololol don't mind my bitchyness overated lol.

Anyway hope i didn't makes your saliva drop.
I was there eating all this cute babies *hehe* as i'm a part of designing their website.

Fruit Cake <3333 Freshly made today !! Goshhhhh...

Red Velvet cake !!! Don't say i'm stingy to share,
a slice of cake is only RM5.50 !! So plz go buy !!!!
Feel like malaysia very hard to find yummy red velvet, this is a-must-have !

The RAINBOW cake was awesummmmmmmmmmmmmmm !! (Y)
I mean it's so attractive >_<
So yeah go visit this cafe now now now ~~~
They even serve local cuisine ~~~~
Location info :
10 Jalan SS 2/103, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Taman Sea.

Okay please love me more from now ~ I don't know why my blog full with food.


Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf

Weeee ~ Decided to blog about my recent dining experience at 
Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf.
I guess i need no much explanation as i guess this place had already very well-known :)
Went to here with Mr.K few weeks ago.

He told me this place seems to be pretty nice as everyone
had been spamming delicious food about this restaurant all 
around the Instagram haha.

The place wasn't that hard to find as it was hidden inside the way 
from Cold Storage Bangsar Village ! lololol... I'm kind to show u this hahaha

Was there during the weekend night time, luckily we don't have to wait
to be seated. Awhile from that plz excuse my bad photo quality.
Was using iphone to take photo's of it -__- *Ain't nobody got time for bringing camera* lol

The menu was pretty plain, oh well and that's me with a glass of wine
as my starter. Gosh i'm not an alcoholic but Mr.K insist he want wine.
Always want to drink wine. Well at least wine is better than beer right? :X *excuse*

My pick ! : Soft Shell Crab spagetti >_< damm yummy

Soft Shell Crab lover gonna love this !!
I love the taste of the sauce the cook !!! *so gonna come back*

His pick : The Wolf's Favourite 

This one taste not bad, but still i prefer my one more yummy ~~~
Couldn't finish our wine at the end x_x

Will be back here again, price was reasonable and the staff was quite friendly.

Location info :

Ground Floor, Bangsar Village 1, 
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

03 - 2283 2270

Till then, goodnight.


Get away.

Recently i'm disappeared again from blogger world.
I was too busy with working life.
My head spin when i get back home if i have to on my laptop 
to surf the internet i feel dizzy. I guess i face computer too much at work.
That's the designer life.

But hey,
last weekend i went for a lil photo shoot.
Wanted to share it at here with my beloved readers.
Haven get all the photo yet..But here the little sneak peak 
took at Sekinchan. A love paddy field.
It's been a while i never leave the city to be at a natural environment.
To be update again ~  *shy*

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