Blossom Deli Cafe @ SS2

Been off sometime to pay for a visit at Blossom deli cafe.
A sweet pay off for coming here.
Please say you love this lovely picture, it's all took by us
and of cuz the decoration credits to me so does the design~
lololol don't mind my bitchyness overated lol.

Anyway hope i didn't makes your saliva drop.
I was there eating all this cute babies *hehe* as i'm a part of designing their website.

Fruit Cake <3333 Freshly made today !! Goshhhhh...

Red Velvet cake !!! Don't say i'm stingy to share,
a slice of cake is only RM5.50 !! So plz go buy !!!!
Feel like malaysia very hard to find yummy red velvet, this is a-must-have !

The RAINBOW cake was awesummmmmmmmmmmmmmm !! (Y)
I mean it's so attractive >_<
So yeah go visit this cafe now now now ~~~
They even serve local cuisine ~~~~
Location info :
10 Jalan SS 2/103, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Taman Sea.

Okay please love me more from now ~ I don't know why my blog full with food.


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