Supper sweetener

Dating my two bff last sunday, Weng Sze and Adly.
Went for a little short gathering supper and had this 
late night supper sweeterner from Hui Lau Shan.
It's opened quite long time edi at Leisure Mall @ Cheras and
guess what i saw -____- Bear Paw pao is open edi !!!
I stop my stupid urge to buy as i'm trying to slim down,
and if i'm gonna eat another Bear Paw pao i'm so gonna dieeee of fat.

But still, my supper is a fat one.

Le bff @ Weng Sze and oops no picture for Adly *he become so chubby edi* XDDDD

Mango Icy Combo for me

Mango Icy Coconut Noodle
for her lolll... extreme fat.

Seems like i forgot to take Adly food cuz his dessert came last muahahaha.
i try my best to cut down on carbs and getting on dozen of sits-up everyday.
I see no different !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhhh i hate myself for being so plumm -__-

Just now i had did an aerobic dance exercise, thanks to le bff weng introduce one.lol.
I don't know how to slim down in one week,
i had an audition in this coming sunday..

which i am not confidence in it.
I had been rejected twice already i guess.
I just don't know how to act like a pro infront of everyone.

Gahhhh 3-minute speech? It will takes my life -__-
I use to be a prefect during my primary school.
Remember they have to *baca ikrar* (read speech) ?

I did it once so confidence and before i finish i had forget everything..


Beh tahan edi -_____-
Give me some time..i really not that kind of girl that can smile confidently..
Plus i'm thinking to blog smtg else lately, ideas maybe?

I scare my reader get bored of my food post. Will u get bored?
Let me know by leaving some comments down there on this post.

Thanks and i will pretty much appreciate ! <33
Oh and it's super hazy everywhere now. Do take care and wear a mask leh !!
This what i saw on my facebook on how to choose your mask correctly.

picture credits from this sg blogger.

I guess i need a *Lagi Better* mask by now... zzz
Drink more water everyone !!


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