Fly away

By seeing how time flies,
i'm getting excited towards the days that are coming.
I always hate July. If you wonder why,
it's really stupid.. because i use to get ditch on
every July of the year... or should i say it was just dumb 
things that i believe that bad karma always come every JULY
and i-dont-know-why i'm such a freak of it.
Another reason is that i'm always an emo shit at this month,
probably my ex birthday fall at this month and then i had lousy
break up fall by this month, like seriously straight for 3years already.

But thanks bullshit,

Yes i'm flying away from this continuously bad ass karma
this year !!!! Yes and i'm still waiting.
Praying hard everything will goes well
and so gonna enjoy this travel trip with my new friends.
It's cool to have feel like a grown up and travel
without family hahaha. wth.
Can't wait till the day arrive,
i had started to feel excited like since 2months ago..
okay and one more month to go..

Kayyy enuff with my crap,
will come up with a new post soon.
Yes it will be a food one hahaha !
Tata ~

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