Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf

Weeee ~ Decided to blog about my recent dining experience at 
Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf.
I guess i need no much explanation as i guess this place had already very well-known :)
Went to here with Mr.K few weeks ago.

He told me this place seems to be pretty nice as everyone
had been spamming delicious food about this restaurant all 
around the Instagram haha.

The place wasn't that hard to find as it was hidden inside the way 
from Cold Storage Bangsar Village ! lololol... I'm kind to show u this hahaha

Was there during the weekend night time, luckily we don't have to wait
to be seated. Awhile from that plz excuse my bad photo quality.
Was using iphone to take photo's of it -__- *Ain't nobody got time for bringing camera* lol

The menu was pretty plain, oh well and that's me with a glass of wine
as my starter. Gosh i'm not an alcoholic but Mr.K insist he want wine.
Always want to drink wine. Well at least wine is better than beer right? :X *excuse*

My pick ! : Soft Shell Crab spagetti >_< damm yummy

Soft Shell Crab lover gonna love this !!
I love the taste of the sauce the cook !!! *so gonna come back*

His pick : The Wolf's Favourite 

This one taste not bad, but still i prefer my one more yummy ~~~
Couldn't finish our wine at the end x_x

Will be back here again, price was reasonable and the staff was quite friendly.

Location info :

Ground Floor, Bangsar Village 1, 
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

03 - 2283 2270

Till then, goodnight.

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