Current Favourite Item : July 2013

Today i decided to blog what's more current favourite this month.
I know it's just the first week of July and yet i'm happy and excited 
to blog my current favourite stuff. Hope u all love to read this post ~

    3CE Lips Pigment
    I really love this one ! At last own smtg fom Style Nanda hehe. Gonna try using it soon!

    CHANEL Powder Blush #72 Rose Initial
    This one was my in my bucket list for a long time and at last i had it as a souvenir from Milan <33
    The color wasn't this reddish, my camera effect make the color a bit lost. loll but i super loveee it !

    Casio Vintage watch
    My bucket wishlist too ! Max love this watch, this makes my outfit look nicer teehee.

    Dior cosmetic pouch

    Gucci Envy Me perfume

That's is all for now. Going to blog what's in my cosmetic bag next time!
Heehe ~ Gotta sleep. Goodnight.

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