My tiny little secret : Phobia

Here's out of nowhere and then here come's a list of Phobia list.
I don't know why suddenly i had this crap to blog about.
Cuz i need to do smtg about my blog.
I even had a dream about someone email me to ask 
about my new blog template !! 

Yay i say.. ( Thanks to my dream )

Okay here it goes my list of Phobia.
It came out of no-where and which it happens to be
haunting me off all the time.

1 : I had phobia eating mushroom -___-

I don't remember what age i was that. I saw this TVB drama was on tv
then it's about the patient had this typical weird type different ok what the hell
mushroom and then they have all this bitchy worms inside their 
stomach and yea..it's all around the intestine don't care big or small.
ARGHHH yes my childhood is spoiled thanks to this tv show. WTF.
Then i decide not to had mushroom inside my daily food menu for decades
until few years back i slowly started to eat mushroom as i kindly tell myself,
that is all tv all fake and crap and that's how i started to eat back abit.. like seriously abit.
I know right ? It's stupid. But believe me this really haunt me a lot.

2 : Phobia wearing skirt 

Skirt also gt phobia. Geng leh me? 
Even my girl friend also ask why no wear skirt ? u a gal leh~
Okay here it goes during my childhood, i had this guy neighborhood
which is sort-of-my friend i guess back then but now no more THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
When i was eh.. 8-9 years old that time we always hang out for cycling
and some pat the puppies activity as i love dogs like seriously a lot !
Then la that random day, i was squatting down and look at the plants -_- 
den the boy also la, then hor... he stare down and look at my skirt leh.. shud i say panty?
WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U this mtfk douche bag !!!! Still smile to me wor.. wtf

then from that day on, i never wanna hang out with him, and f*ck this shit.
Mama still hatin this skirt sorta things except i'm growing up and time to act like a lady. pwtff.

3 : Phobia wearing high heels

I know gals just love to look skinny leg, sexayyy body and hawt and whatever.
Maybe i am abit out of that. I hate heels and i'm short.
I wish i was born 166cm and above -__-
It's easy i wore this kind of shoe at one random day with my mum at saloon,
and then i accidentally fall down as the floor was quite slippery and that's how my phobia appears.

*le wild phobia appears wtf*

yes u won't believe me, i use to wear this kind of aunty shoe summore 1 inches only.
I fall down. I feel so *fish*. FML and i had phobia wearing heels.
I scare fall down, and no one holds me up while stand behind laugh me.
I had enough. So i kinda hate heels. Wedges will do i guess?

4 : Phobia of shit high stuff that people play at Theme Park.


i enjoy merry-go-round only lalala ~
K i think for now this the phobia i think of.. 
Urgh...okay let's enjoy it's friday tmrw yay !! Bye.

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