Sawadee kaa ~ Yes i'm back at Malaysia. It's fun having a short getaway.
This the first time travelling around with new friend at Bangkok, Thailand.
Did i make you all curious for my previous post ? Run away pulak haha.
But to those that have followed me on Instagram should have know already yay.
It's a new experience for a teenage adult like me to go travelling out of my own country..
Poor mah.. Pwtff hahaha!

What to say, i'm really tired and my brain is still in a lag condition.
Just wanted to update my blog and say i miss you all. I wanted to share my travel experience 
as soon as i collected all the photo's and then got it all edited nicely.
Mean while i could keep it as memories as well. 

During this four days trip, i was overwhelmed with Bangkok city.
Every single person i met during this trip was super helpful and friendly yet make you
feel comfortable all this time. Thank you Thailand citizen, you guys really the best.
Oh not to mention, their 7-Eleven really convenient. 
Anyway, wait for me to update again ya. HEHE Love.

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