#2 Inspiration Quote : You Yourself

Monday Inspiration to all the beautiful girls out there.
Just work it out that problem and deal with it !
Good morning and have a good day ahead at work or at school !



Blind Date 4

Haha did i tease you guys too much about the word "Blind Date" ?
I wonder did i make you girls/guys feeling curious.
Let's open this hidden maze, i'm going to review a beauty box which is also
my very first and it's from The Lilac box.

Oh no you don't stop reading, keep it on will you ? :D

I hope this will be an interesting one since i blog much about beauty product but
oh well, hope that i will try to do more of this.
So what is The Lilac Box ? Interesting is their story had steal my heart.

What is The Lilac Box?
Picking the right cosmetics and beauty product is very much like going 

on a blind date. It's a constant surprise and you'll never know what you'll get. 
Some may interest you; many won't. But once in a while, you'll stumble 
across something that could possibly be the one.

This is what The Lilac Box is all about. We regularly send you a couple of
 beauty and cosmetic products in a box. You won't know what's inside; 
and opening the box and discovering what's inside is part of the fun.

Oh, did we mention we put only premium products inside? 
You're young, you're beautiful, and we know you only date 'premium'. 
Then, you will get to know these products. You will flirt with them,
 learn more about them, spend plenty of time together, and who knows - 
you might find one you'll fall in love with for the rest of your life!
That's the reason i bought from em'.
Why do i call this post as Blind Date 4 because i just get to purchase their box 4 as
their previous box were completely sold out and it was crazy.
It so limited until you want to run for it, and that's how i made it for the Box 4.

So let's the Blind Date start !

Opening this box full or curiosity hehe
I saw others receive a better version of ribbon !! WHY I DIDNT GET THE SAME !!!
Gahhhhhhh just so unfair they have the bling bling Jimmy Choo ribbon lo -__-
( Annoying ....... )

Proclaimed : Intax mini8s and pearl necklace is not included.
It's all by stylist own which is me XDD

Ta-daaa ~

The premium stuff that i received !
Base on my own feeling, this box doesn't really surprise me.
I guess i was putting too much hope on this Blind Date that will arrive.
Oh well, i guess next box will do? It's not like every date will impress you so ya, better luck next time.
I actually thought there will be Bobbi Brown product inside this box but oh well,
didn't know it appear on another "Survival Kit box".
But still then accept whenever it is. The OPI nail lacquer does make everything worth i guess ?

Here's a list of item in this Blind Date Box 4 :

1. Crabtee & Evelyn Tarocco Orang Ultra - Moisturising Hand Therapy
2. Jimmy Choo Fragrance ( Sample version )
3. L'Oreal Professional Mademoiselle Infinium & Liss Ultimate Shampoo / Masque
4. OPI Nail Lacquer
5. Sothys Hydradvance

L'Oreal Professional Mademoiselle Infinium & Liss Ultimate Shampoo / Masque

Sothys Hydradvance

I had a tried on their Hydra Advance Hydra-Nourishing Mask which it says to be providing
essential nourishing and moisturizing effect giving an immediate comfort and hydration on your skin.

Benefits: This candidate immerses the skin in absolute comfort. 

This gel-cream fresh fragrant mask envelopes your skin to restore
 hydration leaving it supple, soft and radiant.

Hydradvance Light Hydrating Cream

The Sothys Hydradvance Light Hydrating Cream optimizes hydric 
flow by regulating water transfers and retaining water at its optimal level. 

Crabtee & Evelyn Tarocco Orang Ultra - Moisturising Hand Therapy
One of my favorite at least ? Who can resist the orangy smell which was not too girlish for me!

A modern interpretation of a classic style of scent, Tarocco Orange, Eucalyptus & 

Sage is inspired by the European tradition of citrus colognes that are ubiquitously 
used to fragrance the body from top to toe and even spritzed liberally throughout the home.

OPI Nail Lacquer 
Color in Number One Nemesis

It's awesome that they have OPI but the color doesn't reach my liking.
I guess i'm really hard to get impress ahhhhhhhhhhhh omg.

Jimmy Choo Fragrance ( Sample version )

This isn't a surprise i would say because for the previous event that i had attend 
which invited by The Lilac Box for Jimmy Choo Flash event at Luna Bar KL
with otherbloggers that night and indeed i had a sniff of it and also a
small elegant bottle of this perfume.
Oh well, and i still haven blog about the event yet. OMG. will blog it soon.

Okay and this is how it come's to the end of my beauty box review of Box 4.
You may stalk this Blind Date at www.thelilacbox.com if you were keen.
It cost RM49.90 include postage fyi. It doesn't appear
every month so stay tune for them like me.

Now i need to get back for a beauty sleep~ 
Goodnight loves.


The Mortal Instrument : City of Bones preview screening

Was invited by Nuffnang for the preview screening of The Mortal Instrument movie.
It seems to takes everyone attention to watch this movie. My rating for this movie
will be 3.5 / 5. Why cuz i think it was a bit boring at the back of the movie. But this is just my 
own opinion. You may watch it yourself and decide. I guess the novel will be much more interesting 
than the movie. But the demon effects was surprisingly good !

Here's a permanent tattoo ( Runes) i get at the fun booth before the movie started.
It's the sign of Foresight. Which means supports mental alertness and helps understand and
interpret the situation of human beings deeply. Haha.
My favorite part is Clary with Jace !! Seriously ? End up both is siblings?
The movie had so many unknown. How about the bite on Simon hand? 
I think i really need to read the book.

The Mortal Instruments City of Bones 540x360 The Mortal Instruments   City of Bones

Oh and is it just me ? I'm obsessed with Magnus Bane ( Godfrey Gao ) muahahahhaha !!
I was like omg asian guy >_< he look so hawt in that boxer inside the movie.

Okay okay sign off !


August Food update's

I was thinking what to blog and i realize i actually have a lot things to blog.
But while i was thinking to do it, i always tend to forget easily.
That's how it came to food post randomly cuz i was thinking this won't be so boring.
I was blinded by this Korean Drama name ( When a Man Loves남자가 사랑할 때
Then i just couldn't sleep without watching it. If you are curious you may watch it too !!
Watch at www.Viki.com for free with eng subtitle hehe~ I just can't stop crazy about
Han-Tae Sang the lead actor in the drama. Watch it yourself anyway hahaha back to the food.

1.  Ante @ Publika
     Been here for a quick brunch during Hari Raya. 
2. Kang San Ea @ Ampang Village 
    One of my favourite Korean restaurant, i had been here for more than ten times already.
    Dine here if you love authentic Korean food !
3. Coffee Stain by Joseph @ Publika
    I know right ?! Why no cute kitty drawing on top of it? *geram*

4. Circus @ Pavilion KL
    I guess there a two more dishes had been consume = = I'm too lazy to transfer photo haha
Okay i know is abit little doesn't mean i only eat four food for this month,
just these are some that i took nicer pictures that can be seen HAHAHHA ok fine.
You can see i did a good editing for my food photo gah ~ For your eye to see it comfortingly. lol.
Okay i will blog about my Blind Date in my next post. Okay ?
Stay tune.

Quote today,
"Your eyelashes cover my eyelashes".  
  속눈썹이 내 속눈썹을 커버

I'm still inside the drama. Okay tata.


When a Man Loves

There's been every moment, he always drive me mad about him.
I love his everything, his ego-ness , his so called Big-Man attitude,
his kiddy attitude when he is with me, his smile, that warm hand..
I think i feel in love with him.
He say he will see me straight after the call, he do as his promise.
That's what i love about him.

I know i am not Mi Do T__T But i can treat him well than Mi Do..
Okay i will not stop crazy TT I love u ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Bangkok Trip Day 1 !!

Bangkok, Thailand
Hi and officially holidays is gonna end and while i had been siting infront
of the laptop i had been thinking.. " It's time to update ur blog gal ".
So then this will be a post of my Bangkok trip !!

Was pretty excited bout going on a trip to Thailand first time in my life.
Was trembling about the feels of siting on an aeroplane, i know i might sound
dumb to those who had sits aeroplane like drinking water regularly but hey,
there is nothing wrong for a first timer like me yo.
Anyway, this time was different as i was getting there with three new friends,
which was Evon from my current company colleague and her friends the two guys,
JC and Iverson. Although after this trip there been some not so good stuff happened.
Till then, i still wish everyone had a memorable trip while we are young.

Back to the topic,
Day 1 we started off from siting bus from KL Central >> to LCCT 
If you are also an amateur traveler like me, here's a tip. ( Trying to be helpful hehe )

You may get to KL Central by lrt and then walk out from there,
turn left u may saw MCD ice cream kiosk turn it's left entrance, walk downstairs,
turn right and u will saw buses for one way trip to LCCT.
What's good is that you get to save your cost of transportation than taking taxi,
bus only cost you for RM 9 per person. If taxi it might cost you RM50 above.
While it only takes you 45min to 55min to reach and every 10min there will be a bus.
So do plan your time wisely and get to reach on time cuz u have to check in one and a half hour
earlier for local. Foreigners may need 2hour earlier if i'm not wrong. Do correct me if i'm wrong.

Second picture sort of remind me of the current TVB drama hit which was
( 衝上雲霄Ⅱ ) Triump in the Skies II Everyone been so excited chasing for every
episode so does me XDD 
So mainly all my pictures taken by my
camera so please endure me, if my pictures look ugly lol.
Gonna post it like a photo diary anyway, but let me state it,
first day we reach there by 1pm and the taxi driver was a bad bad bad experience to me !!
He know the way to our hotel but he keep drive around and around while wasted our times
for almost two hour !! God damm it i hate airport taxi at Thailand !! 
So we actually check in at the apartment we book which was Abloom Apartment.
It was actually pretty far away from the city but there were build pretty close to the Bts Station
which was named Sanam Pao. Everything is about money when u live there. So, i guess i won't
be back living there, but if you would love to stay quiet and peace u may try on. lol.

(photo updated in a nicer edit.lol.)

And there's goes my Day 1 Trip..I know it's like kinda short.
But hence, will upload more when i get picture's from my friend. HEHE ( updated )
Went to Terminal 21 >> Siam Square.
Siam Square is like a night market which had been my favourite list now !!!
I wish to go back again !! Gahhhh.. They sell a lot clothe which is in wholesale price.
So i wasn't manage to bargain the price lower or maybe i'm sucks at it -___-
Anyway hope u like my Day 1 Bangkok post XD Will post again Day 2, and 3 in
a nicer picture.. I... hope la XD

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