August Food update's

I was thinking what to blog and i realize i actually have a lot things to blog.
But while i was thinking to do it, i always tend to forget easily.
That's how it came to food post randomly cuz i was thinking this won't be so boring.
I was blinded by this Korean Drama name ( When a Man Loves남자가 사랑할 때
Then i just couldn't sleep without watching it. If you are curious you may watch it too !!
Watch at www.Viki.com for free with eng subtitle hehe~ I just can't stop crazy about
Han-Tae Sang the lead actor in the drama. Watch it yourself anyway hahaha back to the food.

1.  Ante @ Publika
     Been here for a quick brunch during Hari Raya. 
2. Kang San Ea @ Ampang Village 
    One of my favourite Korean restaurant, i had been here for more than ten times already.
    Dine here if you love authentic Korean food !
3. Coffee Stain by Joseph @ Publika
    I know right ?! Why no cute kitty drawing on top of it? *geram*

4. Circus @ Pavilion KL
    I guess there a two more dishes had been consume = = I'm too lazy to transfer photo haha
Okay i know is abit little doesn't mean i only eat four food for this month,
just these are some that i took nicer pictures that can be seen HAHAHHA ok fine.
You can see i did a good editing for my food photo gah ~ For your eye to see it comfortingly. lol.
Okay i will blog about my Blind Date in my next post. Okay ?
Stay tune.

Quote today,
"Your eyelashes cover my eyelashes".  
  속눈썹이 내 속눈썹을 커버

I'm still inside the drama. Okay tata.


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