Bangkok Trip Day 1 !!

Bangkok, Thailand
Hi and officially holidays is gonna end and while i had been siting infront
of the laptop i had been thinking.. " It's time to update ur blog gal ".
So then this will be a post of my Bangkok trip !!

Was pretty excited bout going on a trip to Thailand first time in my life.
Was trembling about the feels of siting on an aeroplane, i know i might sound
dumb to those who had sits aeroplane like drinking water regularly but hey,
there is nothing wrong for a first timer like me yo.
Anyway, this time was different as i was getting there with three new friends,
which was Evon from my current company colleague and her friends the two guys,
JC and Iverson. Although after this trip there been some not so good stuff happened.
Till then, i still wish everyone had a memorable trip while we are young.

Back to the topic,
Day 1 we started off from siting bus from KL Central >> to LCCT 
If you are also an amateur traveler like me, here's a tip. ( Trying to be helpful hehe )

You may get to KL Central by lrt and then walk out from there,
turn left u may saw MCD ice cream kiosk turn it's left entrance, walk downstairs,
turn right and u will saw buses for one way trip to LCCT.
What's good is that you get to save your cost of transportation than taking taxi,
bus only cost you for RM 9 per person. If taxi it might cost you RM50 above.
While it only takes you 45min to 55min to reach and every 10min there will be a bus.
So do plan your time wisely and get to reach on time cuz u have to check in one and a half hour
earlier for local. Foreigners may need 2hour earlier if i'm not wrong. Do correct me if i'm wrong.

Second picture sort of remind me of the current TVB drama hit which was
( 衝上雲霄Ⅱ ) Triump in the Skies II Everyone been so excited chasing for every
episode so does me XDD 
So mainly all my pictures taken by my
camera so please endure me, if my pictures look ugly lol.
Gonna post it like a photo diary anyway, but let me state it,
first day we reach there by 1pm and the taxi driver was a bad bad bad experience to me !!
He know the way to our hotel but he keep drive around and around while wasted our times
for almost two hour !! God damm it i hate airport taxi at Thailand !! 
So we actually check in at the apartment we book which was Abloom Apartment.
It was actually pretty far away from the city but there were build pretty close to the Bts Station
which was named Sanam Pao. Everything is about money when u live there. So, i guess i won't
be back living there, but if you would love to stay quiet and peace u may try on. lol.

(photo updated in a nicer edit.lol.)

And there's goes my Day 1 Trip..I know it's like kinda short.
But hence, will upload more when i get picture's from my friend. HEHE ( updated )
Went to Terminal 21 >> Siam Square.
Siam Square is like a night market which had been my favourite list now !!!
I wish to go back again !! Gahhhh.. They sell a lot clothe which is in wholesale price.
So i wasn't manage to bargain the price lower or maybe i'm sucks at it -___-
Anyway hope u like my Day 1 Bangkok post XD Will post again Day 2, and 3 in
a nicer picture.. I... hope la XD


  1. Namo Amitabha, hi, do you enjoy visiting Bangkok? You and your friends should visit at least a pagoda in Bangkok and bow down in front of Buddhas' statues respectfully. You should recite the phrases 'Namo Shakyamuni Buddha' and 'Namo Amitabha Buddha' while inside a pagoda to have very much blessings ^_^:) Today I will translate four excerpts of Shakyamuni Buddha's teachings about Husband and Wife section. The names of the excerpts are 'Five things husband and wife respect each other', 'Natural association of husband and wife', 'Five kinds of wives' and 'Female person beautifies herself with her virtuous mind.' Sincerely, Tam Tinh.

  2. Namo Amitabha, hi, here are four translations of Shakyamuni Buddha's teachings about husband and wife:

    Five things husband and wife respect each other

    Husband respects wife by five things:

    1. He treats his wife with politeness and reason.
    2. He doesn't lack solemn.
    3. He provides his wife foods and clothes.
    4. He gives his wife jewelries.
    5. He gives his wife chores to do.

    Dear Thien Sanh! A husband must perform these five things for his wife.

    A wife must perform these five things for her husband:

    1. She wakes up earlier than her husband.
    2. She sits after her husband.
    3. She talks softly.
    4. She respects and harmonize with her husband.
    5. She should read her husband's mind to please him.

    Dear Thien Sanh! These are five things a wife must accomplish to treat her husband. With such treatments, her husband is peaceful and doesn't worry.

    Truong A Ham Sutra (book 11).

    Natural association of husband and wife

    Husband and wife are like flying birds, they associate together and sit on a tall tree at night, being together just a short time then the sun rises up, each bird flies in a different direction for foods, when supporting conditions are met, the couple associates; when supporting conditions are ended (in other words, when opposing conditions are met), the couple separates. Husband and wife are also like those birds, their association or separation don't depend on their wills but depend on the causes and conditions, they cannot keep each other for long.

    Ngu Vo Phan Phuc Sutra.

    Translator's explanation: All phenomenons and phenomena in the universe aren't born, transformed or formed naturally but they are born, transformed or formed by causes and conditions. Causes are the causes of the Law of causes and effects, conditions or 'secondary causes' are to make or prevent the effects from being happened. There are two kinds of conditions: Supporting conditions and opposing conditions.

    Five kinds of wives

    Buddha tells Ngoc Da: "There are five kinds of wives: First kind is motherly wife, second kind is wife like a feudal official of a king, third kind is sisterly wife, forth kind is maidenly wife, fifth kind is wifelike wife.

    What is motherly wife? She loves her husband like her child hence called motherly wife.

    What is wife like a feudal official of a king? She worships her husband like a king hence called wife like a feudal official of a king.

    What is sisterly wife? She respects her husband like her older brother hence called sisterly wife.

    What is maidenly wife? She attends her husband like a maid hence called maidenly wife.

    What is wifelike wife? She leaves her parents, her relatives, intimates with loves and lusts, has different body from her husband but the couple has same thoughts, respects and attends her husband, has no much proud, takes care of domestic affairs and social affairs skillfully, has abundant family, receives guests, have praises from many people, hence called wifelike wife.

    Ngoc Da Nu Sutra

    Women should beautify themselves with their virtuous mind

    Buddha advices Ngoc Da: Women shouldn't value highly of their beauties and become very proud. Pretty face and good-looking appearance aren't beauties, only a female person with virtuous mind who has respects and loves from others is truly pretty.

    Ngoc Da Nu Sutra.


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