Fabric or Candy ?

Recently i started off my own online boutique !
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I will be taking pre-order clothing and also ready stock !

Been thinking to sell off my own clothe as well. So must visit ya ! <33
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Bad experience

I recently was told to be discipline a bit la~ 
Should keep blogging and here i am now. ( but not this post )
I was looking through my camera and i was thinking to post 
another tempting food post heheh.
While trying to make time edit em' nicely here a short post
of me & him at Ben's KLCC last month. It was the worst experience ever.
Don't ask me why, i only can recommend you to go to the Pavilion or Publika branch
if you really want to dine at the Ben's. At KLCC Ben's the food was sucks,
service bad,everything just worst. I reached my limit and that is it.
Argh ~ Thanks to their bad service and food served only after 1hour and a half,
i manage to snap a bit picture and yes were fed up and gone.

Thanks for your bad experience.

fyi : We did eat, not only drink -__-  ( If you are curious )


Lights and the nights.

I was leaving the city of kua-la-la lumpur to meet Mr Worldwide last night.
It's had been a while i go Sepang Circuit since last year WeLoveAsia.
Been really enjoyed the night with my companion,
but a lot awful people smoking around me.
I just hate how much they pollute the air and make me hard to breathe.

Love the song Pitbull sang ( Hotel Room Service ).
Had so much fun dancing around with bunch of people
that enjoy music. Totally had left all my stress behind.
Dance the night and that's how my Friday night ended.


Feeling lucky 09

I had serious bad day yesterday.
Partly i can say is the upper half day was terrible.
From being clumsy to missed bus, walk under the rain,
suddenly get scold for no reason,
to a broken umbrella, getting shouted for no reason inside the lift.
And i almost *dead*.. seriously depressed but then my dearest 
colleague calm me down and my friend say ( Things will get better. )
Then i was pretty much okay back just a bit and then by the afternoon,
how should i describe this lucky thing that strike to me ?

I recieve a call from MTV Asia and i won the tix to
get to attend this awesome music fest !I was like really ?
She answered me yes really haha.
I was like OMG OMG OMG !!!!!! I am always a big fan of
going to music fest. It make me feel so awesome and distressed.
Well of cuz not to forget to say, i had change to meet Far East Movement
which is the bonus of this everything !!

I was jumping up and down inside the office i work.
Nothing could describe how i feel. It was AWESOME♥ 
Well, and then my bad luck had end after the half day.
Feeling lucky and appreciate for this thing that strike 
through my day. Meanwhile, gonna go WeLoveAsia 2.0
tonight ! I feel blessed and thanks Irene  for giving me this ticket ! 
Lovely lady that started to sponsor me clothes and accessories
from KCoordi since back then.Had encourage me to blog more
 and make me feel blessed that i still have
readers that really read what i blog.

Thank you all of you and i really appreciate :)
This a bit of luckiness is the thing i really appreciate 
in my life. Hope will never last. Hehe.

Till then, i'll blog next time with more fun stuff ! 


Bangkok Trip Day 2

Bangkok, Thailand

Hey there and here another Bangkok post Day 2.

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