Bad experience

I recently was told to be discipline a bit la~ 
Should keep blogging and here i am now. ( but not this post )
I was looking through my camera and i was thinking to post 
another tempting food post heheh.
While trying to make time edit em' nicely here a short post
of me & him at Ben's KLCC last month. It was the worst experience ever.
Don't ask me why, i only can recommend you to go to the Pavilion or Publika branch
if you really want to dine at the Ben's. At KLCC Ben's the food was sucks,
service bad,everything just worst. I reached my limit and that is it.
Argh ~ Thanks to their bad service and food served only after 1hour and a half,
i manage to snap a bit picture and yes were fed up and gone.

Thanks for your bad experience.

fyi : We did eat, not only drink -__-  ( If you are curious )

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