Feeling lucky 09

I had serious bad day yesterday.
Partly i can say is the upper half day was terrible.
From being clumsy to missed bus, walk under the rain,
suddenly get scold for no reason,
to a broken umbrella, getting shouted for no reason inside the lift.
And i almost *dead*.. seriously depressed but then my dearest 
colleague calm me down and my friend say ( Things will get better. )
Then i was pretty much okay back just a bit and then by the afternoon,
how should i describe this lucky thing that strike to me ?

I recieve a call from MTV Asia and i won the tix to
get to attend this awesome music fest !I was like really ?
She answered me yes really haha.
I was like OMG OMG OMG !!!!!! I am always a big fan of
going to music fest. It make me feel so awesome and distressed.
Well of cuz not to forget to say, i had change to meet Far East Movement
which is the bonus of this everything !!

I was jumping up and down inside the office i work.
Nothing could describe how i feel. It was AWESOME♥ 
Well, and then my bad luck had end after the half day.
Feeling lucky and appreciate for this thing that strike 
through my day. Meanwhile, gonna go WeLoveAsia 2.0
tonight ! I feel blessed and thanks Irene  for giving me this ticket ! 
Lovely lady that started to sponsor me clothes and accessories
from KCoordi since back then.Had encourage me to blog more
 and make me feel blessed that i still have
readers that really read what i blog.

Thank you all of you and i really appreciate :)
This a bit of luckiness is the thing i really appreciate 
in my life. Hope will never last. Hehe.

Till then, i'll blog next time with more fun stuff ! 

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