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Steamboat lover @ Suki-Ya !

Oh-la-la ~ 
Do you love siting around with your favorite people ?
Queuing around more than 20-30 minutes just to get a seat to dine over
even if it's on your holiday and you just don't give a damn ?
Here you go this new post for food lovers like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!

Yay and so here it goes, last week i went to meet my best friend Rex, 
the dino gal and we decided to stop by this crowded restaurant all time.
I mean every time i pass by Tokyo Street, wanted to get by to Daiso,
i always say this place flooded with people queuing outside.
I was wondering as well, so nice mehh ? How come so many people
will be so patience to stand over there and wait. There here it goes my 
curiosity on a weekend and that's how it goes i waited 20 minute for a table.

Suki-ya i call it the best place to eat free flow meat !!! 

They had lot's of food and it's really too much for two girls to eat.
As we both eat too much vegie more than food.
hahaha diet-plan-wannabe pwtfff

As you can choose four types of broth base.
We choose kimchi and miso flavour.
There's still two more for you to choose which is shoju and seaweed.
Of cuz free flow meat including beef, chicken and lamb.
We are the greedy one so we pick 3 of em' !!
You just choose either one of it if you don't dine with beef.
The working crew will ask you for that. Oh not to forget
Free Flow of green tea as well. hehehe
( Malaysian just love anything free )

Unlimited sushi for your likings as well and
we also ordered an ala-carte soft shell crab.
I had addicted to soft shell crab since the one i had
from Jonker Street, Malacca.

So it only cost you for RM29.80++ for lunch hour
which is between 11.00 am to 5.00pm

Meanwhile for dinner it will be RM39.80++
and between 5.00pm to 10.00pm
Hopes this information helps !

Well and that's all. Eat all you can !


Orange holiday

Opps the post caption have nothing related to this.
Just to update that wi'll will be away for a while.
So it might take a while for me to update new post.
More food post to come !! Yums !

Okay i'll shall go now. 
Happy Holiday !


300th El Cerdo


Skinfood Black Bean Nose Pack

Ahhhh this is a massive news !
My blackhead is gone thanks to SKINFOOD Black Bean Nose pack !!
I don't why it's so cool cuz i had use tons of different brands of 
beauty product to remove my damn whiteheads and blackheads
but some just appear to be so-so or either no difference -__-
I was seeking solution all over the world for a best blackhead remover !!
( No la just kidding )
So then i had a korean cosmetic haul this month and probably wan to share with
my lovelies reader !! Yeah and i did my research over this product
which is this SKINFOOD Black Bean Nose pack ~ Tadaa my nose saviour ~
It was super effective, i bought it for RM11 plus from Busan,Korea thanks to my friend.
It was so cool, even though the price is cheap but it's amazing !

One box contain 7 pieces.


Sae Ma Eul BBQ @ Mont Kiara

Okay my blog is in a deep mess.
First of all, i'm forever stuck with my September food post.. which i will update
soon as possible yay ! If only i had time :( Oh well,
here we go !! Another food post that im dying to share with u all !! It's 
korean food again ! This time is a new place to dine ! I was actually hopping to
Mont Kiara to try out the food at Gangnam 88 since it was so popular
through the internet nowadays..but the place was fully packed ! 
I had been told to wait 15-30 minutes. So oh well i left because i have no patience.
Thank you and bye so thanks to that i manage to find myself in a yummy place!
It was just around the corner behind two building of Gangnam 88.
Oh here we go which is Sae Ma Eul BBQ restaurant.
It was located at outdoors since it's opened for bbq anyway.
I know right -__- ahhhhhh what's more.
Lucky did i? It was newly opened ! On that day i go it was only the 4th day the 
open in malaysia ~~~~ I don't know why i'm so happy, probably because the whole restaurant
full with real korean people. Okay where can i find fake one ?
Maybe myself la, because of this i feel that i had blend in and feels like a 
korean for few hours hahhahahaha wth ? (too much kdrama this girl)
anddddd cuz i find out this place before other ppl mah ~ Cheh ~ jk.

The place isn't that big but cool enough for bunch of
people to dine and hang out.
Then food that we ordered was .....

Something about the pork lean i think ?
i forgotten omg.. and some pork belly skewer?
plus some pork shoulder skewer ?
Sound's like a lot..i know .___.

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