300th El Cerdo

Just realize, this already had been my 300th blog post,
after 5 years of blogging haha. Feel so awesome at the number of
crap i had blog for all this years and still improving. Thanks for all your love readers <33

Anyway here another food post going on,
a simple dinner at El Cerdo last wednesday.
This place was around bukit bintang changkat ~
Here's some picture of some happy faces.

I had three brothers if you are curious o_o

Picture 1 : My second brother

Picture 2 : The youngest brother number three

Picture 3 : Brother number 1

Too much bothering bout the caption and
here's me and my mum.
My eye look so small here, nerdy look after getting off from work.

Here's to what we had ordered.
Warm Appetiser we had this Baked Portobello Mushroom
It's filled with shrimps, spinach,ham and cheese.
I love how the taste of the cheese was cooked. A taste of salty but
it was just perfectly nice overall.
Portion was a bit small but enough for 1-2 person.

Also ordered this Crispy Pork Knuckle
El Cerdo served the best pork knuckle that i had.
The pork taste crispy from the outside,
tender from the inside. They even insist to cut the pork for us.
So niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!

served with gratin potatoes, sauerkraut,
apple mousse and mustard beer sauce.
Sauerkraut was some kind of call as "sour cabbage".
Is a finely cut cabbage that had fermented.

Mountain Paella
a signature dosh by El Cerdo.
Filled with bacon, chicken slices and fresh
assorted mushroom. Sort of my brother favorite as he love mushroom lol.
The portion seems big, but this is slightly a bit tasteless to me. idk why.

Oh,if you ever wanted to order paella, you
might have to wait for 30-40 minutes of preparation time.
So order something else if you don't want to wait.

for more information you may visit to
and as well make your reservation before you go.
As the restaurant is always fully booked all the time.

Well, that's the wrap for today food post.

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