Jimmy Choo Flash with TheLilac Box

( Done update some pic )
Thanks Vivian and Charlene for being my new friend that night !
After ages, i had time to blog this at last.
A previous event i attend few months ago organize by
TheLilacBox for this Flash Jimmy Choo new perfume that had launched.
This was the first time i attend event with bloggers and it feel so new to me.
Guess i didn't social much with new people. I feel awkward easily and i will be shy.
So i was lucky enough that day which every pretty girl talk to me and they were all nice and
friendly. Picture start from the fifthh took with Charlene. A very sweet and pretty gal.
Sixth was with the marketing organizer of Jimmy Choo. I forgot her name. Sorry.
The seventh was with Ky-Gan, one of the blind date organizer from TheLilacBox.
A very humourous guy that keep ask me not to stay at home all day, have fun while i'm young.lol.
Received a small Jimmy Choo perfume as well that night!
Love the packaging look so classy and it's my favorite type.

As well as a group picture of us.
A simple but cozy place at G Tower View Bar. Nice place to hangout at night.
Hope to attend more nice event like this in the future. It's great
meeting new people and get to talk about stuffs you know.


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