Sae Ma Eul BBQ @ Mont Kiara

Okay my blog is in a deep mess.
First of all, i'm forever stuck with my September food post.. which i will update
soon as possible yay ! If only i had time :( Oh well,
here we go !! Another food post that im dying to share with u all !! It's 
korean food again ! This time is a new place to dine ! I was actually hopping to
Mont Kiara to try out the food at Gangnam 88 since it was so popular
through the internet nowadays..but the place was fully packed ! 
I had been told to wait 15-30 minutes. So oh well i left because i have no patience.
Thank you and bye so thanks to that i manage to find myself in a yummy place!
It was just around the corner behind two building of Gangnam 88.
Oh here we go which is Sae Ma Eul BBQ restaurant.
It was located at outdoors since it's opened for bbq anyway.
I know right -__- ahhhhhh what's more.
Lucky did i? It was newly opened ! On that day i go it was only the 4th day the 
open in malaysia ~~~~ I don't know why i'm so happy, probably because the whole restaurant
full with real korean people. Okay where can i find fake one ?
Maybe myself la, because of this i feel that i had blend in and feels like a 
korean for few hours hahhahahaha wth ? (too much kdrama this girl)
anddddd cuz i find out this place before other ppl mah ~ Cheh ~ jk.

The place isn't that big but cool enough for bunch of
people to dine and hang out.
Then food that we ordered was .....

Something about the pork lean i think ?
i forgotten omg.. and some pork belly skewer?
plus some pork shoulder skewer ?
Sound's like a lot..i know .___.

Ordered this Seafood Pancake
It was massive !

Why does the food look so little ? 
Cuz i didn't show you how my food look alike when i roll it lor..
Okay maybe no. Oh for your information..this restaurant is Non-Halal.
Oh and this is my current addiction ( or shud say the Mr.K )
He make me addicted on rice wine ! Weee ~
Jinro has higher alcohol level lol.

I drink too much soju. My cheeks turn so red.
Probably also because of the meat.
It was too hot -_____-
I have no patience to wait it cold down abit hahaha.

Oh not to forget we also ordered octopus !!!
How can i forget this ?!! It was the best of all !
You must not forget to order this octopus if you are there ! Hehe.
Lastly, a picture of us took by the nicest Korean Boss aha~
He was so nice that he printed two piece of pictures.
One for me to keep and another one to stick on the
customer visit / review board.
So i'm not gonna show you the one on the board.

Spot me there by yourself !
So by the end there's nothing bad about it as i think
the price was pretty affordable but the side dishes is abit too little.
Hopefully they will add more.
Leave me a comment if you have anything to ask. Hehe xx.

Info : Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont KiaraKuala LumpurKuala Lumpur 

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