Skinfood Black Bean Nose Pack

Ahhhh this is a massive news !
My blackhead is gone thanks to SKINFOOD Black Bean Nose pack !!
I don't why it's so cool cuz i had use tons of different brands of 
beauty product to remove my damn whiteheads and blackheads
but some just appear to be so-so or either no difference -__-
I was seeking solution all over the world for a best blackhead remover !!
( No la just kidding )
So then i had a korean cosmetic haul this month and probably wan to share with
my lovelies reader !! Yeah and i did my research over this product
which is this SKINFOOD Black Bean Nose pack ~ Tadaa my nose saviour ~
It was super effective, i bought it for RM11 plus from Busan,Korea thanks to my friend.
It was so cool, even though the price is cheap but it's amazing !

One box contain 7 pieces.

I guess it's available at Malaysia Skinfood outlet i think?
It's not hard to find. If you couldn't find it
you may want to try to search it at http://www.qoo10.my/
which happens to be my favourite shopping website as well.
Currently waiting for my Tony Moly cc cream to arrive hehe.
All the item from this website directly ship from Korea.
I mean beauty cosmetic la of course. I'm a frequent online buyers nowadays hehe.
Trust me the price is cheaper way more than Malaysia outlet.
It's authentic and the quality is assurable sometimes they give u free samples too !! lol

Here's a very gross picture to show you what it happens
after u stick on ur nose for 15-20 minutes.
Tadaa all those dirty stuff !! So cool right?
So hope you all find this helpful !

Till then, xoxo.

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