The short getaway.

Oh hey there. Just a short update saying that i just got back from
Singapore few days ago. Well and my leg got sprained and it's awful.
I had to stand this pain till i'm back at KL. I don't know how i walk.
It was a short days at Singapore, and i feel guilty.
According to my friend, there's a famous claypot porridge over
at Geylang. Sh*t thing is that i consume frog -___-
I know.... ew T___T i don't eat it. But i try once since they insist
how tasty it was. I don't even eat frog even my mum cook em'.

But oh well,i was thinking...give it a try la u..and i did it.
The "kung po" frog (chinese spicy cooking style) is the best. Spicy and smells so good.
Imagine that the frog taste like chicken meat that's what they say and
my horrid mind wander somewhere else as i'm tired of walking and hungry !
So are you a fan of frog eater ?
I think i eat too much but not much picture to post
cuz i didn't bring my camera along. Wanted to buy a new camera so bad T__T
Mr.K don't know how to capture the best angle of me all the time.
So i normally don't post picture took by him -___- ahhhhhhhhh improve plz :((
I'm saving money for dat new camera soon.

Well, i guess that's all i need to say oh and i never forget the city view
at Singapore. They look the best at night. I love going to Marina Bay Sand
and Clarke Quay at night. Love the cozy breeze heehe. Wanted to
go the infinity pool someday but it's so expensive ! Any sponsorship ? lol.
Anyway i guess i need to see ( Tabib Cina ) to massage my leg later.
Meeting Mr K later:) Thanks for bringing anywhere you go, i feel loved heehe.

Till then,

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