Fluffy Curls ! @Kimarie Hair

Hey lovelies,
wanted to blog a short update about my new hairstyle
i did last week ! Getting a short fringe is a new fun thing and also
a burden as it grow longer a bit you gotta cut it.
Went to Kimarie for a hair cut as my bestie Rex say it was good.
Plus, there is no much blog review about
this saloon so i decided to blog about it.
Well you just can't say you got aint no time fo dat !
So here's the details and some self-love selfie.

Here's a closer snap and wa laa ~
I have to curl my hair if i want to make it look
exactly like this. But oh well, u know i'm lazy.
Thanks to Roy for his effort chatting to me
and turns my hair in to magic ( is this too much of polishing ? )
You know what i mean XD Just kidding.
Find him if you were keen ! He's a nice person and if you
talk about food with him, he will be very happy !

Not to say i had my hair styled by the Salon Manager ! It was cool !
Well i smile happily when i leave the saloon lol.
Oh more about the saloon details i will write on below :

The branch i went is at KiMarie Sungai Wang
LG020 , Plaza Sungai Wang, KL.

Malu Witz x Eugene Perma event

Updating my recent make up work shop
organize by TheLilac Box introducing the brand
Malu Witz & Eugene Perma.

Malu Witz is a very well known make up brand based at Germany.
Mean while Eugene Perma is a hair product brand.
Then there it goes, was there that day with my bestie Weng Sze for the event.
Thanks god i have her with me or else i will feel so awkward.
I don't know why the more my age grow, i started to feel quiet around
new people i met and i don't dare to speak or i just end up with an awkward smile.

Plus i just realize i didn't took much picture on that day.
Sorry don't blame me ! :X We were late to arrive that day,
so i was too hesitate to snap pictures and bother other girls at there.
But here a few that i can show at here hehe.



Sparkle from de behind

Previously i'm in love with this dress that i get from Twenty3 website.
This dress was stuck inside my wardrobe for months until i had a proper date
which suit the occasion i went out last two weeks, ( which i may blog soon or sooner )
currently have no time to update my blog,
can't believe November end soon and my beloved December coming soon !
Soon, my 21st birthday coming soon, did i mention i will stay forever underage first,
i rather stay young that i can't enter the casino :p
Oh well, leaving this post with this self-love picture.
Don't know why i like bohemian style recently. Okay x ada kaitan with this pic.

Now, how I wanted a smaller waist and a longer hair. 
Just had a new hair cut last week :X

Ok bye !


Being call as Faker.

Have you ever experience getting called as faker?
I did.
And it always happen to me all time.
It's not like i take famous photo and
act like them. I'm using my own photo
and act like who i am.

It's like this. I don't why there is so many
retarded people out there. Oh well you see,
god will always create stupid people,
making them realize they are real stupid
or aka brainless so they will change someday.
But they didn't ! Thus, they take
much much more effort and continue to be this kind of reckless bastard.

Seriously if you really don't mind me,
I will say Fuck you.
How the fuck do you people
want to make time judging on
how i look on the internet ??
Had you met me in real life?
If yes so, why do you even care about my appearance?

Does judging me make yours life happier?
Or judging me makes you feel like the TOP OF THE WORLD?
Now, screw you man.

What i look like in real life and photo,
yes is not really the same.
What's not same?
Have you ever selca with your freaking ugly face?
No? Shame on you.
That's why you don't know the best part of yourself
and you are laughing and rudely blaming on other people photo's.
Now was so different of me in my photo?
Nothing ! It just me and me and me !
Oh not to forget, 

So screw it ! Or fyi just NAIL IT !
Nail this stuff on pin interest. I'm just saying if you care.
Why do you care if people want to show the best part of theirself?
I'm not like an obese kid that is fun to be laugh.

Or maybe, i'm not even showing some ugly part of me,
so that's make you feel not good?
Why do you even care ? You tell me why ?
Everyone try their best to show the good part,
the perfect angle of them self? So why do you
want to see the ugly part ? Like seriously ?
You feeling to lonely and desperate that never had
been someone praise you for even a small tiny wingly little things?
eg; your armpit hair at last never grow up until your fugly face
or shit stuff like that?

Come on,
i dress what i like,
it's not like i'm showing slutty face or whole boobs
on the internet ? It's not like i'm posting
negative stuff like let's die now or never?!
Just a smile picture make you feel i look fake.
Like seriously, GOD BLESS YOU for being

Could you grow some balls and be a bit less immature?
I don't why you want to judge.
Do i have to show everything to you so you know
who i am and your are happy with ur life so
you can die asap right now and get up on heaven ?
I give you and answer. You will never be.

Seriously, what's up with wearing spectacles
at work ? So i could look like the one on my profile picture
and you feel like less cheated.
You know looking good need effort. It's not like
wearing spectacles showing less effort.
It's a way of style too. You know what is S.T.Y.L.E ?
No. I bet you don't know.
You know the rate of getting raped and kidnapped at MALAYSIA?
No. you don't know. Even if you
are raped like a nasi lemak,  lemang or a zombie corpse,
you still will get accused of your looks did make me
do the crime of raping. FUCK YOU and you know
what i mean? It's dangerous when you looking too good
in real life. And hello you tell me,
have you ever looking good in your real life for
360 DAYS in your life? NO. It never happen.

So now, who tell you this shit i should look like
who i am in the picture from my real life ?
No answer ? So shut up.
If you ever wander to came and pass by facing me
and say i look fake again.
Look at yourself in the mirror,
at least i make the effort to look good. So did you ?
I never ever accuse of cheating you with my face
or begging you to like my photo and comment
wow you pretty and shits like that.
I didn't put a knife on your neck to say anything about me.
If you happen to have thoughts to say i look fake again,
please stop it and get someone to slap your face till you are awake.
And to those that ever say i look fake in real life,
i happen to be polite and never shut ur mouth,
if you happen to read this post. Thank you,
and you don't even look good in real life either. Thus, i don't
even care about you. STFU. Don't even compare me from the internet photo.
It still me, just me with spectacles and without spectacles.
I use to get laugh as a fat kid during my secondary school,
i lost all my confident, i act like a dumb ass.
I just smile whenever people saying harsh word on me.
Like you fat, and laugh at me all day.
I lost my self-esteem, but now i am who i am.
i changed and looks better than who i am.
Thanks to you people for trying to kill me down
and make me drop down on the ground.

Now, I had my decisions on choosing how or
what should i look like.
Last but not least, i will still continue
post my gorgeous looking good photo.
Yes i self admit and what do you care ?

Stfu and bye.

Departure Lounge @ Mont Kiara

Currently this is a new place to dig for a breakfast even if you are
awake by 3pm in the evening and you still call for a breakfast.
Located at Solaris Mont Kiara, which they basically served
breakfast all day long and a cup of coffee for your liking.
Was here last week for a change of trying smtg new.
Purposely come over here from ampang. like omg so far.
But still here, it's good that is peaceful during a weekend morning.
Not so crowded and the environment was pretty okay.

Hot milk to start on the day !
You gonna head to the cashier counter to order
your meal, they had a large menu stick on the wall
beside the cashier counter with the nice deco.


October Food Update's

Here we go a food marathon update. Pretty much a short one. 
Don't hate me. I don't know what nice food to share recently but 
wait for me on a next post. It's a great one everyone that had been asking me
around where's that place after they say the photo i post on Instagram.
Stalk me there if you haven. lol. Username is : Cookiellu
Okay let's start the food post.

Sae Ma Eul

My third visit at this restaurant. One of my list to go
if i'm on a feeling for bbq and drinking chamisul. ( soju ) lol.

But couldn't drink much as i had a weak stomach......i know..sad right?
If you want to read back the previous post click here 

I had been their loyal customer ever since,
they served the best affordable bbq set to order. It's non halal fyi.
Their meat always taste great and marinated to get serve.
Not to forget the portion is awesome as well. You have to order 2 type of
meat for a bbq if you don't know. So normally a typical korean
restaurant cost you like freaking RM38-50 for only a plate.. and...

YES AND !!! You must order two plate. Imagine the price on your brain.
But at here Sae Ma Eul is zeeeee best !!! One plate cost between RM22-35 !!
So freaking awesome. Not too pricy even for two person to dine !
Okay i'll stop like i'm doing advertising for em. It's just my point of view ok?

So if you ever want to ask me again for nice and cheap korean food.
Just drive to Mont Kiara for this kay?

Dubu Stew ( my favourite ) and the seafood pancake. Dayumm.

Address : Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara
Kuala LumpurKuala Lumpur 

Tamayaki @ Publika 

I did a try on the Unagi flavour and the Octopus one.
It cost you for RM8++ for four tako balls.
Taste pretty sucks if you ask me. Very very bad.
It's full with flour and flour and flour. Pasar malam
taste better and cheaper. I only could give points on the packaging.
Not because it's in pink color, i only like the fonts tho. 

Ben's Publika

I'm always a fans of Ben's food. Especially when it comes
to cabonara. But i ordered something different these time.
Pretty much love the decoration at this branch. 
Feel pretty cosy and the deco pretty vintage.

Soft Shell Crab spaggeti cooked with curry sauce ?
I'm not really fancy about this one. Asian food mix with western.
Ahhh that taste weird for me. The soft shell crab was okay.
Quite crispy tho, with some mixed taste of pepper if i'm not wrong.

Ben's House Salad
is the one i ordered.
I pretty much like the way the create this one. It's somekind
of new feeling of trying smtg different from those common salad 
we normally had. This one was really really cooked.
They had this few type of mushroom cook together
and blend well with olive oil ?
Quite amusing. If you never eat this,
you might want or not to give it a try on ordering this.

Yu Yi Restaurant ( Bak Kut Teh )

As a part of OpenRice member, was invited for a food tasting event again.
This time was bak kut teh. The place is located at 
88, Jalan Kepayang, Off Jalan Kuching, Taman City,Segambut, 52100

Nothing much to talk about this one cuz, it taste pretty decent to me.
Some food taste pretty salty and some taste too oily.
Quite imbalance might could be it still new? They still have an older branch
at Jalan Imbi which had been said that taste better.
Well, who know then? Then, for now that's the update for October food.



Black x Beige

Since it's November, i feel like playing off some style
which i wanted to wear off from long time ago.
I was always afraid to wear maxi skirts because i'm pretty
short in real life -___- oh yea. U could say i'm half petite.
So this style was an inspiration one, 
i try to pull this off with a black top which is actually
a off shoulder top but walking around kl like dat is
dangerous and i don't like how those random idiot call me ( ah moi )
Shit u fxcker. That's how it deducted part of my style.
But i still love the outcome i paired with a studded belts and
a little details of my leopard shoe prints.

Outfit details :
Top | from BKK
Maxi Skirts | from Fabric Candy
Bag | Guangzhou, China
Sneakers | H&M
Watch | Casio Vintage
Lamb wool Hat | Uniqlo

Make up details : Using Etude House Rose Flowering Eye's in No.304
Favourite new eyepencil color ! 

Till then,
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