Black x Beige

Since it's November, i feel like playing off some style
which i wanted to wear off from long time ago.
I was always afraid to wear maxi skirts because i'm pretty
short in real life -___- oh yea. U could say i'm half petite.
So this style was an inspiration one, 
i try to pull this off with a black top which is actually
a off shoulder top but walking around kl like dat is
dangerous and i don't like how those random idiot call me ( ah moi )
Shit u fxcker. That's how it deducted part of my style.
But i still love the outcome i paired with a studded belts and
a little details of my leopard shoe prints.

Outfit details :
Top | from BKK
Maxi Skirts | from Fabric Candy
Bag | Guangzhou, China
Sneakers | H&M
Watch | Casio Vintage
Lamb wool Hat | Uniqlo

Make up details : Using Etude House Rose Flowering Eye's in No.304
Favourite new eyepencil color ! 

Till then,

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