Fluffy Curls ! @Kimarie Hair

Hey lovelies,
wanted to blog a short update about my new hairstyle
i did last week ! Getting a short fringe is a new fun thing and also
a burden as it grow longer a bit you gotta cut it.
Went to Kimarie for a hair cut as my bestie Rex say it was good.
Plus, there is no much blog review about
this saloon so i decided to blog about it.
Well you just can't say you got aint no time fo dat !
So here's the details and some self-love selfie.

Here's a closer snap and wa laa ~
I have to curl my hair if i want to make it look
exactly like this. But oh well, u know i'm lazy.
Thanks to Roy for his effort chatting to me
and turns my hair in to magic ( is this too much of polishing ? )
You know what i mean XD Just kidding.
Find him if you were keen ! He's a nice person and if you
talk about food with him, he will be very happy !

Not to say i had my hair styled by the Salon Manager ! It was cool !
Well i smile happily when i leave the saloon lol.
Oh more about the saloon details i will write on below :

The branch i went is at KiMarie Sungai Wang
LG020 , Plaza Sungai Wang, KL.

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