Malu Witz x Eugene Perma event

Updating my recent make up work shop
organize by TheLilac Box introducing the brand
Malu Witz & Eugene Perma.

Malu Witz is a very well known make up brand based at Germany.
Mean while Eugene Perma is a hair product brand.
Then there it goes, was there that day with my bestie Weng Sze for the event.
Thanks god i have her with me or else i will feel so awkward.
I don't know why the more my age grow, i started to feel quiet around
new people i met and i don't dare to speak or i just end up with an awkward smile.

Plus i just realize i didn't took much picture on that day.
Sorry don't blame me ! :X We were late to arrive that day,
so i was too hesitate to snap pictures and bother other girls at there.
But here a few that i can show at here hehe.


Snapped during our self diy make up session

or selca pic like this
( Not to mention ! They served macaroons that day ! Oh yummy ! )

It was a great experience joining this event after all we had
been taught lots of make up skills to improve for basic look.
It was a new thing to learn and yes hopefully i get to attend more
nice event like this again !

Bye love !

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