The end of 2013

I guess this would be my last post for 2013.
Sorry for not updating my blog. Was busy and no time
to edit nice picture for it. I guess i just attach some 
that look okay to be posted here.
So it coming to the end of December now.
I feel so sleepy right now but too guilty for not blogging.
Let's see back what happen this whole year.

So i had been Thailand , Bangkok at last.

Which was my this year resolution.
Visited a new country was a fun thing to me.
Then mean while, i get to know more new friends,
i had a job this year, lot's of work. Get to eat a a lot food with lot's
of awesome people around me. Been attend few blogger events and
i feel very happy to social around. Been going in Zouk KL even thou
i haven reach 21 by that time. Hmm..what's more ?
Get to own more and more cosmetic collection. 
Too bad i didn't manage to buy new camera this year.
Well things did goes well as i look a bit thinner in front of the
camera at last and i have fun having few nice photoshoot this year.

Such as the one at Sekinchan :

And the one somewhere at Klang :

Then a nice year to spend more time with my best friend Weng Sze.
Love that she be there with me for beauty event and even window shopping.
Love how crazily mad we could be after sniffing a bottle of perfume XD
From being a super best friend ever since 16 years old ?
Things never change for both of us as we still love
hanging out eating desserts together at old places.

- April 2013 -

- Somewhere around the middle -

- November 2013 -

-December 2013-

Not to forget my fave girls Rex.

- January 2013 -

Bonding time with her is the best as she make me
laugh all time and by the time im beside her
i will split out vulgar words, not because i am rude.
I just feel that i feel real being beside of her.
She also took the best photo for me all time such as.
This and


We love spending time eating good food
and looking good in diff make up as well !
Such as the korean make up look attempt !

Not to forget my bb Shin Yee.
She took less picture with me from day to day.
I want you to know i love die you.
You always inside my heart. I will go lesbian for you XD
Know you sucks at making me smile,
but nvm la, making you smile is happier for me !!

So can u spend more time with me when u are free?
Maybe our topic will be different from other two bff.
But i always have unstoppable words to say.
So faster change to smart phone la. So i can whatsapp you
all day all night or wechat call u gaw gaw ah !!!!!!
Sorry for nt posting other girls as well,
i post again next time !!
Last but not least,
thanks to all the favorite ppl that come to my
house on 25th Dec for my bday celeb !!!

Janice !
Friends for years !!

Mun Teng
Good friend of mine ever since
secondary school ! Miss u lots ever since !!
Wanted to eat with u again when we have chance!!

Wenyi !!
My matchmaker of me and my bf XD
Have fun at Japan soon !!

Yvonne !!
The yoga addicter !!
Thanks for spending time with me
all this months even at lunch for a short time
or gym partner for one hour. All the best to u !
Love all the korean stuff you help me buy !! xx

Koon Yee a.k.a Hermes
the name he like to be mentioned lol.
A very good friend of mine that
be by my side when i'm in my most depressed moment !
Thanks for being by my side !!!!!

No need intro la. Rex again. pwtff :p
Thanks for coming and the precious bday pressie.
Love you lots !

BB Shin Yee, i love your handmade cards.
I feel so touched that i actually shed a tears.
Love you till i die.

Beloved Ian,
the one who love me for who i am and the one 
will stop everything to hear my complain
or even to hear my crying voice thru the phone.
Love u till the max. You are one tough cookie.
Don't let bad people tear you down.
I always support you as long it's a good thing u do :p

Sorry Alex i duno where is the pic you took with me gone to.
Love you too eventhou u very geli with weng XD
You are my best friend forever !!! *so gay*
See u soon !!!!!!

Plus !!! Thanks you all for the gift !!!
I was overwhelmed with that !
Thanks for making me the important day to feel illegal
for more beers as well !

Last but not least of cuz,
my Mr Boyfriend la. He will be
so jealous if i didn't talk about him.
I appreciate every little bits you do for me
as well as everything you try to surprise me.
I know i had bad temper but you endure it well :p
Love you the most in Malaysia !!
Malaysia only lah pwtffffff :ppppp

Hopefully in 2014 i still will be
sticking you around like a chewing gum.
yayyyyy !! *Can't say no*
Well and that's all for 2013 now !!
Thanks my mum for so caring for me this whole years,
so do my dad ! My brothers for being madly shout at me
and also being good at me sometimes.
Love every bit of you all.

Let's see the better days in 2014.
Goodbye !


21st Birthday

AHHH could not make it to blog on 26th cuz now already 27.
Wanted to say thanks all for the blessings and wishes.
I'm finally 21st years old. Getting old means getting mature.
It's nice and awesome year i had.
Thanks for all the wonderful gifts, nice friends and everything.



Freshkon Mosaic Vlelvet Blue Review

 Here's my first contact lens review.
I am a frequent contact lens user since i'm 17.
But still i wear spectacles more than contact lens.
Because i had a very dry eye. I have to put eye drops every one hour.
So i'm really picky when it comes to contact lens.

I had tried few of the Freshkon contact lens before.
I love the colors and here's bout how i feel.
I had both green and blue,  haven wear the green yet,
so let's review Velvet Blue first.

Weekend DIY

So since i had been getting off my ass from the chair whole day this weekend,
i decided to clean my room and deco abit my wall. Let's call it the Weekend DIY.
Actually it's kind of cheating, cuz i didn't do the cutting and pasting of the frame.
I bought it since 3years ago before i had an Intax mini camera nor a pretty wall to decorated with.
But oh well, at last i decided to beautify my room a bit.

You just need :
- A few of cloth clips
- A freestyle paper frame
- Strings
- Hammer
- Glue ( for ur frame )
- Metal nail
- Stacks of your favorite photo's !

Slipping some photo's in and wah la ~ You're done !
( i know my wall look pretty plain )

Here's a little peak some corner of my room which is much my favorite!
Still need to buy some frames to nail on my empty wall.

*a photo of the lil me and my current obsession,
Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream ~ Smells so nice :D
Lastly, my Dream Catcher, you know you gonna be pretty
obsessed with this after watching The Heirs.

That's all for today, have fun DIY !


Seven Cups @ Empire Damansara

Time for a happy food post again. YAY ?
I love taking food photo. Sorry it takes me a lot time to blog about food.
From the previous post i did say right, i need a lot time to edit my photo.
Lucky for me, thanks to the nice sunshine i manage to snap a few nice shot.
Not like recently, it's been raining 3 days straight and i barely see the sun.
Don't you think you will miss the sun when it's not here,
and you hated the sun when it's hot everyday? Human is selfish that way.
It's natural. Oh well, guess what? I'm out searching for a new nice place.

Went to Empire Damansara, it's a new builded place which is located
around The Curve. It's not Empire Subang ok?
Don't go to the wrong place cuz i did went to a wrong place last week -__-
This place haven fully refurnish, empty lots here and there.
I guess it will be the next hit place like Publika.
They hadthis nice place at the alley that attract me to go.
Lucky me, i went there without a lot people being at there or else i can't
take lot's of picture. I don't like beautiful place to be crowded.
Absolutely no one like it :/

Here's a few snap i wanted to show you all.
It's so artistic for my point of view. Plus !!
It's so colorful ,sunshine, jolly molly place ~~
The place so calm and peaceful.
Feels like in another place.


3 Dec 13

Hello busy peanut butter jam.
Today i had been thinking actually i had lots of thing in mind
i wanted to blog out but i still haven gt time for this. I try to sort it out.
I had few stuff i haven blog like Bangkok Day 3, November food update,
i receive higher attention when i blog about food.
So tell me, you all like i blog about food more or about myself more?

Example like beauty product review.
Recently i receive a lot of my friend asking why i didn't blog
about review post. Hmm actually i got a lot things i wanted to share,
is just that i am lazy to edit my photo. I can't stand the feeling of just snap
a pic and just upload on my blog. I love beautify it so it looks good.
Just typical designer thinking :X Being picky is good.
Ahh plus, my current camera wasn't good enough, if my photo
is nice enough i won't really bother to enhance it to be nicer..
Oh well, i got lots of reason i think. Recently i started going to the gym,
to cut down fats and be healthier and hopefully get to achieve my resolution of the year.
Did u realize it's almost the end of the year? Another few more weeks,
and it's going to be 2014. Had u achieve anything you done this whole year ?
Btw i actually tot of writing a random facts about myself today but
end up i'm talking bout other stuff hehehehe :XX
so here it goes randomly.

Random Facts 1#
I name my pets with food or flower names.
I don't know why, it's just me ha ha. I use to had a
small kitten name as "Pizza". I know it's funny
and my best friend laugh how silly i was.

Random Facts 2#
I don't like to eat fish skin.
Steamed fish or deep fried fish.

Random Facts 3#
I would be a very noisy people in real life.
Really really noisy. If i'm in good mood,
i can talk non stop and might end up crapping.
I could even rhyme some stupid words like
"I'm so shy shy, that's why i'm a sunshine."
I know..u will gone speechless and end
up ignoring me talking alone.

Random Facts 4#
I love dog a lot until i kiss my dog Poppy more
than i kiss my mum or my boyfriend hahahaha!

Random Facts 5#
I had shopping disease. Not that kind until 
i become a shopaholic. I just had that kind
that i must buy smtg a month. If not i feel uneasy. lol.

I guess that's all for now. I could't
think of any randomness hehe.
Gotta go sleep soon. Goodnight.
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