3 Dec 13

Hello busy peanut butter jam.
Today i had been thinking actually i had lots of thing in mind
i wanted to blog out but i still haven gt time for this. I try to sort it out.
I had few stuff i haven blog like Bangkok Day 3, November food update,
i receive higher attention when i blog about food.
So tell me, you all like i blog about food more or about myself more?

Example like beauty product review.
Recently i receive a lot of my friend asking why i didn't blog
about review post. Hmm actually i got a lot things i wanted to share,
is just that i am lazy to edit my photo. I can't stand the feeling of just snap
a pic and just upload on my blog. I love beautify it so it looks good.
Just typical designer thinking :X Being picky is good.
Ahh plus, my current camera wasn't good enough, if my photo
is nice enough i won't really bother to enhance it to be nicer..
Oh well, i got lots of reason i think. Recently i started going to the gym,
to cut down fats and be healthier and hopefully get to achieve my resolution of the year.
Did u realize it's almost the end of the year? Another few more weeks,
and it's going to be 2014. Had u achieve anything you done this whole year ?
Btw i actually tot of writing a random facts about myself today but
end up i'm talking bout other stuff hehehehe :XX
so here it goes randomly.

Random Facts 1#
I name my pets with food or flower names.
I don't know why, it's just me ha ha. I use to had a
small kitten name as "Pizza". I know it's funny
and my best friend laugh how silly i was.

Random Facts 2#
I don't like to eat fish skin.
Steamed fish or deep fried fish.

Random Facts 3#
I would be a very noisy people in real life.
Really really noisy. If i'm in good mood,
i can talk non stop and might end up crapping.
I could even rhyme some stupid words like
"I'm so shy shy, that's why i'm a sunshine."
I know..u will gone speechless and end
up ignoring me talking alone.

Random Facts 4#
I love dog a lot until i kiss my dog Poppy more
than i kiss my mum or my boyfriend hahahaha!

Random Facts 5#
I had shopping disease. Not that kind until 
i become a shopaholic. I just had that kind
that i must buy smtg a month. If not i feel uneasy. lol.

I guess that's all for now. I could't
think of any randomness hehe.
Gotta go sleep soon. Goodnight.

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