Freshkon Mosaic Vlelvet Blue Review

 Here's my first contact lens review.
I am a frequent contact lens user since i'm 17.
But still i wear spectacles more than contact lens.
Because i had a very dry eye. I have to put eye drops every one hour.
So i'm really picky when it comes to contact lens.

I had tried few of the Freshkon contact lens before.
I love the colors and here's bout how i feel.
I had both green and blue,  haven wear the green yet,
so let's review Velvet Blue first.

I always love blue color contact lens. I guess it's just the typical me.
I love everything in blue color. Except food. -_-

The outlook of it when opened.

Diameter of : 14.2mm
Comfort Level : Average
Duration : One Month
Water Level : 55%

Pros :
- Look natural and give you a sparkling look on your eye
- Easy to buy on optical shop
- Very hygienic

Cons :
- Expensive
- Have to handle it with extra care or else with broke into pieces
- Lens are smaller

Photo took at indoor.

Photo took at outdoor.
Well this is all my review for Freshkon contact lens.

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  1. Love your makeup !
    Simple yet looking good !

    from FrankieRoseUni


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