Dancing with December

It's almost the end of December, and yes 2014 is going to end.
How's the yearly resolution been working on? Now lemme think back..
Er probably made a few happens and a few not really achieving but..
Yes fats.. probably girls biggest problem. Well to me, i only wanted a flat abs. That's all.
That's how it goes when your age is increasing and the body metabolism would be weak slowly.

Talking about myself, i don't really have much to update except i'm boiling Korean drama
all night after i get back home from work. Not a Korean drama junkie but.. i will get
addicted if the drama story is interesting. Recently i started watching Pinocchio, The Greatest
Marriage which kind of make me in rage in every episode & another one call Born of a Beauty.

Then i got a new hair style which is now a permanent curl and everyone seems to like it!
But i still get annoy by that curls. You gonna be so hardworking to fix it.

Then, working life had been good to me, at least i had a job to keep me moving and yet
still learning and keep myself going one. Blogging life..hmm not really strong.
Sometime, i am just too tired to think what i should blog about or just..trying too hard
to blog out something interesting. Plus, I just lost my SD card T_T wtf

Oh and I'm pretty broke these day. I will work harder again for the coming 2015 !
More advertorials for me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~~ Thankiu.

Now let's have fun since it's the end of the year and two more week to go
full with festive seasons and yes my Birthday !!! More plans thank you!

Cookie L


Sweater Fashion

My very first Fashion Editorial!
What's on my mind was.. i'm trying to style 3 Look that we can wear 
sweater style at Malaysia. You all know Malaysia was pretty hot all the time
thus it's pretty hard to wear sweater. People might say you're crazy!
But these days, it's the rain season, plus the sweater that i got wasn't thick.
Just slightly thin and comfy to wear on the go.
I got this from Catbit Boutique and have it paired with three different looks.

Here it goes my 3 Casual Looks.


Torii @ TTDI

There's always something i love about Japanese food.
Fresh squids, chuka lidako, miso soup, ramen and fresh seafood.
This time i get to try something different rather than eating sushi all the time.

Last Sunday, brought Mr K to Torii at TTDI.
They are specializes in serving yakitori which is another genre of Japanese cuisine
including grilling and i love hot grilled food and that's part of the reason i'm here.
But also to celebrate Mr K Birthday hehh.

The environment was pretty cozy and quiet for those who go
for a peaceful dinner like me and my partner.


Feeling 23 ( But i'm not )

It's funny when i keep make mistake with my own age. Does this ever happen to you?
To me it happen at the time. When people are talking about age, my mind telling me that i'm 23.
But the true is i'm younger than that age one year. I don't know if that a bad idea or good one.
I guess it's just the people around me make me change. You know that thing?

Growing up. Speaking of growing up it's all about getting mature and more responsible
coming up all the way in your life. It's great having matured friends. They make you think wise.

There's piles of bills
Insurance, banking stuff, monthly pays, taxes
and cars which haven apply to me yet. So much commitment.
Always about spending less but it's really hard. Can they just raise our salary?

Choosing friends
I wonder if it's just a me thing or not. Getting older. I choose friends.
I choose not to hang out with so much Hi Bye friend. I mean really, hi bye friends.
I'm too tired to just smile and fake asking about each other life when both of you
are too lazy / not interested in each other anyway but still faking to say hi you look gorgeous.
But yea, i don't really bother to hang out. You have to jerk out money for hanging out?
It's not me. I don't wanna waste money hanging out with someone who doesn't bother to
talk to you for years and yet asking for hey wanna come to my birthday party?

Urgh. No thanks. I won't jerk out my money for the bloody gift. Thanks no thank.

Being someone who always wanted freedom. It's always fun to plan things ahead and
reading travel blog. I wanted to go for a working holiday journey someday.
It gonna be fun and always choose the right partner. I had a worse experience before.
It's not gonna be happy if you just wanna drag someone along just to snap photo for you.
Go hire a personal photographer if you wanted to.

The Internet Thing
When you started to feel like those internet fame is really not your thing.
It's mine too. I don't care if i have lesser likes or people unfollow me on Instagram now.
No feeling means no feeling yo~ If you have to care every single thing what people do
to you and that's make you sad? Sorry that's not gonna be me,

Staying Healthy
When drinking up all night and hangover is your thing. That's not mine.
I hate wasting up my another day waking up at noon. I just can't.
A lil drink is okay, hangover? It's a no no. I started to eat healthy and stay away from
fast food nowadays. Life is too short for you to stay unhealthy.
Did i mention before i'm joining marathon? It's gonna be fun.

Personal Time
Having a life of working full time and blogging as my part time job, it's 
always nice to get to know new friends. But nowadays, personal time it's like my favorite.
I have so much excuse for not leaving my house. Sometimes i just wanted the weekend all
by myself. Either way i just have some cleaning day, folding my forever messy wardrobe,
changing bed sheets, sweeping off all my hairs plus my dog Poppy fur.
I love to spend my cozy weekend blasting indie songs i like or jazz would probably likeable.
Not to forget a cup of hot rose tea while i could stay on my bed whole day with my lazy hair
my lazy face, my pajamas and a good read.

Hopefully i'm not getting any older but i guess i am still playful, annoying as ever.
But i don't care what people think. That's what i try to grow out of my low self-esteem me.
December is popping out soon, Can't wait till Christmas. 
My favorite month :)

Till then,

Cookie L



Yesterday was the day i lost my Iphone.
Damn that experience.
Nobody wanted that feeling. Losing your smartphone and get stolen.
Mine was stolen in the monorail. It was so quick that i don't even notice :(
I was sick the whole day, stepping my way through this crowded monorail.
Sigh.. I feel super regretted for not slipping my phone dipper into my pocket.
It was so hard when you are trying to balance yourself and people keep push
into you and then when you realize you are alright, your phone is gone.

I guess it's the tactic for pick pockets.
There must be a gang of them helping each other.
I feel so upset, i never back up all my info and contacts.

I felt that i am really clumsy.
I always met pick pocket and i don't know who they are.
How can i even travel smart when i'm alone in the future?
I always had this problem since i was 7.
During primary school time, every time i change a new purse,
it always gone! My pencil box and stuff and forever my money was gone.

Maybe i appear weak, it's always okay for them to bully me and steal my things.
That's what the society do to survive.
I'm just too weak. I'm trying.. really hard. Really.

A new phone will just do?
I mean i can survive without all this social media thing but..
without remembering numbers on the phone, it's really stress people out.

That's what they say, do not RELY on your smartphone.
I guess that is really right.

I don't want to curse the stealer but i really hope you have forever bad luck.
You bully a young lady who is super tired and exhausted on the way back from work
and she's sick, high fever, flu and cough. I HATE YOU.
Eventhou you will never know.

Find My Iphone apps never works.
I just wish you could never sell out and on my iphone forever.


Guinness Amplify 2014 , KL Live

 Last Saturday night was an awesome one. Finally getting off my butt from the chair and went
for a Live Music show at KL Live for these Guinness Amplify finale show.
Best Part of all? Getting to hear Magic! singing live in front of my eyes.
Who wouldn't know the best topping song chart "Rude"?!

Btw, here's my photo diary for that night.
So many local singers had been involved. Nice right?

Here a groupfie of my happy partner of the night!

 When i reach there it's already 9.30pm and i manage to hear some play from DJ LAW.

 Some token for being a good girl and free beer here it goes!

Then finally Magic! turn out! Trust me, it was an incredible and clear music.
Except there's a few people keep smoking non stop in front of me which is annoying.

It was a great memories hanging out with you guys.
Next check list, Urbanscape 2014 ! Yeahhh.
Till then, signing off. Ta-ta.

Cookie L


Redang Photo Diary

Redang Island, Pulau Redang, 21090 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia
Well i just get back from Redang like two weeks ago?
It was a short and a fun company trip. It was actually a team building "thingy".
Sounds boring and didn't know it turn out to be pretty fun :D
I had fun, new friends ( i mean new colleague haha ) and some relaxing time
walking along the beach and the sand were so so so fluffy!! 
Best thing out of these was, the beautiful sea and the shiny stars all over the sky at night!
It was so calming i decided to lay on the bench at night. 
My camera can't snap the sky so yea... but here a short photo diary :)
Had my first domestic fly with Firefly and it was a great experience except
the second trip. I felt so dizzy as the airplane keep shaking all the way back to subang airport.

55minute flying and off we go from Terengganu airport and to Ferry take 20minute?

After an hour plus of ferry ride.. finally it's Redang beach !!!
Omg please stare at the sea. So beautiful ! We stayed at Laguna Beach. It was awesome.
Especially the buffet and beers everywhere, and live band.

Snorkelling time !

I manage to see sea turtle  !! I really need a waterproof camera :X

Will come back to redang again someday.
Happy moment left for 3 days at here.

Cookie L



Guess what? I'm getting myself my first SkinnyMint product!
If you didn't know what is SkinnyMint.. It's a detoxifying tea product.
Which i am getting the 28 day teatox challenge!
I hope i can see some difference after researching and find out
a lot users manage to have a better tummy and the best thing is to cure your bloating tummy.
I wish all my fats will just flushed away by the tea but well of course not.

In these product, they have the morning boost and the night cleanse.
Morning boost contain 28 tea bags while night cleanse 14 tea bags.
I was told that the night cleanse should be drink 2 days once.

I just started Day 2 now ~ ~
This tea really cost a boom! But let see if it work ok? I will make good review about it :)
Anyway great news! I manage to tick off one of my resolution, i'm finally joining the marathon run!
It's going to be so exciting for 10km run ! I feel so motivated to stay fit and healthy :)
So happy :D Till then, will update again this product review.

Cookie L


Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival 2014

Been here during the previous KL Vintage festival 2014 at Stadium Merdeka.
Here's my photo diary.

Overall conclusion i didn't manage to get anything and this place was really bad than
how i imagine. It was boring. But i enjoy sight seeing those vintage things.
One bad things about this festival is that they have
TOO MUCH OLD CLOTHES SELLING AT HERE !Anddddd it's all yellowish. I feel so dizzy staring at those stuff.
Plus, too much black and super worn out Birkenstock shoes.
Tell me, who really gonna buy that shit? Tell me!

Signing off. Bye.

Cookie L

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