Gracious 2014 !

Hi 2014 first post of my blog.
I guess it had been few weeks already for year 2014 and now only i
have time to blog. Life is good when u have tons of public holiday
at Malaysia. I want more holiday so i got time to settle down my stuff
and then only i could have time to organise my things bit by bit.
So this is just the starting, i wish everything goes well and better !

Things i wanted to share today is that i finally own a new camm-mi-raaa ~~

From my Instagram : Cookiellu

I don't know it should be smtg for myself as a belated birthday present or
a starting point for 2014 years ahead !! Hopefully with this i manage to snap
much much much more great pictures to post on here or anywhere la haar.
My new camm-mi-raa is Sony NEX-5T. I was supposingly to bought the NEX3 since
the price it's cheaper but i changed my mine. I adore my NEX-5T much better.
With function as touch screen, awesome sensor , super clear image, lighter and wifi build it and
more more more larhh ~ One word to describe : "JENG" !!
Eventhou this one kind of burn my wallet, but work hard to earn back i told myself.
I don't know how to blog camera review but if i had time i make a review bout this k?

Next ~~~

I had my hair dyed for CNY.
Had my butt stick on the chair for  5 hours and 30 minutes. ( faint )
It takes so much time as my hair have to "pre-lighten"
so that the color would stick ? Cuz i had dyed dark brown last time.
Lesson learned, don't simply dye your hair with DIY box.
My current hair color is Matt Green.
Roy say after few wash it will turn into a brighter color already. 
Find him at Kimarie at Sg Wang for hair service.

Mean while,
this few weeks i had bought lot's of new clothe for cny until i get a stop buying
message from my Mum -___-
Now what i'm lack of is new shoe ? New contact lens as well ?
I spend too much money already.
Okay. Time to log off.
Bye !

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