Day Date : Acme Bar & Coffee

I know it takes time for my readers to find new food post on my blog.
It takes me a lot of energy to transfer the pictures to my laptop and
getting it edited nicely to post on my blog :p
Never mind, i admit that i am lazy. *laugh*

Well back to it, it's a post valentine dating stuff and mr k 
bring me to Acme. I been hearing this place for quite some time
but i didn't come here before, well and now here i am.

Didn't know it was so crowded at here.
We almost have to change restaurant as the manager say it was fully booked.
But we managed to get a table of our own. It was a tall table,
well who cares as long as i don't have to sit outdoor. I hate cigarette smell. Really hate it.
It was pretty nice siting near to the window even thou it was a bit warm that day
but soon the sun set and it's feel much better as we can enjoy the night view !

Picture times :

 *My date of the day*

Smoked Aubergine Sirloin Steak for me
The gravy was the best ! Love the rocket tempura, so crunchy and it was nicely
fried in every thin slice and it's not too oily for my taste. But i was wondering where is my fries?
It was stated in the menu ! But... there is no fries. I wonder is that the problem of their menu ?
Now only i realise they mistook my order :( argh. nvm lah.

Roast Lamb Rack for him
This oven roasted lamb rack is the best i ever taste!  He say his choice is better than mine.
Oh well..pwtff. You are right. The potato sort of remind me of El Cerdo one.
But of cuz ABC had it better.

We enjoy our meal until the sunset.

-Nothing beats down a glass of good wine.
The ambiances was pretty romantic and pleasant.

I guess that is pretty much about it.
Really appreciate my beloved for the dinner.

Acme Bar & Coffee is located at :
Unit G1 Troika 19 Persiaran
Klcc 50450 Malaysia.

I would advise you all to make a reservation before you go
if you don't want to meet any upsetting situation.


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