Food Review : Mr Dakgalbi @ Bukit Bintang

Hey there,
i know it's had been a while i never did any food post.
But here i am again today sharing bout my food review experience.
Thanks to Jess, i get to join this enjoyable korean food review sessions.

You all know Korean food is like my addiction.
You can mainly find my korean food post on the #foodtag
on the bottom on my blogpost.
Anyway, this time was at MR DAKGALBI bukit bintang !
It was the second branch opened at Malaysia, which was still new
and the restaurant was super clean and spacious.
Why do i feel like korean food is always the best one har ?
Maybe in my past life, i was a korean-lah~ *syok sendiri*

If you didn't know,

Dak galbi, also romanized dalk galbi, is a popular Korean dish 
generally made by stir-frying marinated diced chicken in a 
(chili pepper paste) based sauce, 
and sliced cabbagesweet potato
scallionsonionsggaennip, and tteok (rice cake).

You may find this restaurant good for Muslim Kpop lovers,
not only you may dine korean food in peace, you may also enjoy food under Halal cert.

Here we go a view of Mr.Dakgalbi restaurant.
(Ground Floor)

( Second Floor )

They did a good job on explaining and ice breaking throughout the few hours.

We had the boss of Mr.Dakgalbi to cook for us !
So let's started with bloggers and food photo now shall we?

with some awesome new friend Reiko and me myself,
we capture some happy moments with the apron. lol.

We had chicken dakgalbi cooked with ramen !
This portion was to served 4 person. Well i guess in the end, four girls
can't even finish it. It was a lot !! Thanks for being so generous :DD

It's done !
Mr Dakgalbi's recipe is good for health as it is rich in Vitamin A, B, and C!
Not only the spices make you lose weight, you can reduce age aging too!

Mean while, after finishing our ramen, they add rice to be cook together.
It was added "CHEESE" in it !! So yummy !
I prefer the rice instead of cooking dakgalbi with ramen.

Lastly, we also served with this cold noodle which was soba noodle.
I love that egg decorated like a bunny head haha.

Picture time !
from left : Lovely Nicole !
from right : Friendly Jess !

from left : Su Quan ! We use the same model camera ! Awesome sony lover !
from right : Wen Li ! We make friends through MakanVenture event :)

Photo below stealed from Su Quan blog !! :D

from left : Dayang ! Omg i love her accent !
from right : CEO of Mr Dakgalbi Bukit Bintang !

Group picha

Details :No. 61, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
( http://mr-dak.com/ )

All picture took by my Sony Nex 5T
Till then,

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